About Us at FamilyFriendlyLondon.com

We’re a Transatlantic family of five – four Americans (kids and mom) and four Brits (kids and dad) as we like to joke!  

We’ve lived in London as a family for many years and, with three young children, we spend quite a lot of time researching what to do and where to go for fun in London with kids. We’ve been to countless parks and gardens, zoos and museums, theatres and markets and had wonderful family-friendly adventures both in and around London.

We get a lot of visitors from abroad, mostly family and friends from the US and mainland Europe and sometimes from Africa and Asia too. We love to show them around our favourite spots in this amazing city.  Back in the day, before the kids came along, most of the questions we were asked were from single travellers or couples looking for interesting things to do in London.

However, as the kids have come along, both for us and for our friends, most of the visitors we get now come with kids looking for fun things to do and interesting places to visit in London. And for fun family time, there’s no better place on the planet than London.

So, whether you’re looking to visit London on holiday or you’re a local looking for fresh ideas for family fun in London, our hope is that www.FamilyFriendlyLondon.com becomes your go-to place for the best tips and ideas for what to do in London with kids.

P.S.: Yes, we do laugh about the everyday British-American differences – so while American readers would not bat an eye lid at the suggestion to wear pants while traveling (or should that be travelling) in London in the fall (autumn), other readers may wonder why that was only suggested for certain seasons! Likewise, humour us with references to Fahrenheit and Celsius etc.

We hope you have fun exploring our website and discovering London with kids in tow!