Central London Sightseeing Must-See Places with Kids


Before you think Central London sightseeing is going to be boring for your kids, you might want to think again. While Central London is the hotspot for major attractions, many of those points of interest really aren’t very interesting to children. Adults may enjoy browsing museums and large collections of artwork, but the little ones … Read more

Kensington Sightseeing Tour of London

Farmers Market

When planning a sightseeing tour of London, Kensington has some of the most famous spots to see on your visit.  Kensington Palace has served as home to many princes and princesses over the past 300 years and rivals the popularity of Buckingham Palace. The residential portion of the palace is private, but visitors can tour … Read more

Best Sightseeing Near London Heathrow Airport


If you are looking for some great sightseeing near London Heathrow Airport, there are some great places to see in London not too far away. You can use Heathrow Express to travel from the airport to central London in approximately 15 minutes, but what if you don’t want to venture out for an extended stay? … Read more

Kid-Friendly Places in London on a Budget


There are so many kid-friendly places in London, but where do you go when traveling on a tight budget?  Start by filling your itinerary with some of the city’s amazing parks, courts, and other green spaces. The kids will have a blast exploring playgrounds, nature trails, historical statues, fountains, and splash pads. You can even … Read more

London Cool Places to Go to See Historic Buildings


London is full of historic buildings and other famous London cool places to go that you will want to check out on your visit. There are so many historic buildings and we’re not just talking about the big attractions like Westminster Abbey and the palaces. The city has some historic neighborhoods that feature fully maintained … Read more