London Family-Friendly Tours and Fun Things to Do with Kids


Whether you grab a London family-friendly tours guide or explore on your own, there is never a shortage of things to do with kids in London.

There are so many family friendly attractions and destinations in London that you could spend months exploring and never get bored. The catch is that your family may not have an interest in every tour or attraction. You know the interests and personalities of your children better than anyone else, and you get to make the decisions on what activities fill your time while visiting London.

What we can do is recommend some of the most popular family friendly tours and activities, giving you ideas. We want to show you what type of tours and fun destinations are available so that you make informed decisions for your family.

Let’s jump right into the details. What London family-friendly tours will you choose for your next family trip?

London Family-Friendly Tours

When you want to learn about the culture and history of a foreign land, going on a tour with a knowledgeable guide is as good as it gets. If you think of tours and yawn, you haven’t experienced some of the best London family-friendly tour guides. 

The best family-friendly London tours start with animated guides or clear instructions and then take it to the next level with some of the following perks:

  • Interactive Themes – Scavenger hunt tours are great examples. Your family picks up clues and races around the city, brainstorming together to get the right answers. You learn about London while creating amazing memories and spending quality time with one another.
  • Unusual Destinations – There are some unique places in London, and tours are the safest way to learn about them and see them upfront. One example is the walking tour of Camden Town.
  • Beloved Characters – Harry Potter tours are popular with kids of all ages and many adults. Some of the best tours allow your kids to explore familiar characters in a foreign land.
  • Mystery and Intrigue – There are many London tours that reveal secrets and delve into unsolved mysteries from the past and the present. Some may have a spooky feel that isn’t appropriate for smaller children, but teenagers often love the darker themes.
  • Holiday Themes – If you visit London for Christmas, New Years, or Halloween, look out for special tours that allow you to see everything the city has to offer for the holiday. 
  • Delicious Food – If your children enjoy eating or have an interest in cooking, they may enjoy food tours. You may even get to enjoy a cocktail or two as you cruise through some of the best dining hot spots in London.

Whether you walk, drive, bike, ride a bus, or glide through River Thames, you can’t go wrong with including London family friendly tours on vacation. Consider the age and interests of your children when determining which options fit your needs best.

Other Fun Things to Do in London with Kids

  • Catch at least one kid-friendly musical before leaving London. Some of the best entertainment takes place on the stage inside the city’s many theatres. There are many designed just for kids and the kids-at-heart.
  • Show the kids the Royal riches of London at the Royal Mews. Kids are often mesmerized by the horses and the collection of elaborate coaches, including the Gold State Coach and the Glass Coach. There are also luxury cars used by the British monarchy, including the Queen’s Rolls-Royce. If you visit in September, they can go inside Buckingham Palace to see the real riches.
  • Check out the hop-on hop-off bus tours. A guide will teach your family about attractions as you pass by, and you can get off the bus to explore attractions that catch your attention. When you’re ready to see something new, you hop back on and continue the tour. It’s a great way to let your children choose where you go as you move through the city.
  • Make time to play outdoors, even if you must do it between downpours in the rainy season. London is packed with parks, gardens, fountains, and playgrounds. It’s free entertainment that may wear your kids out so that they sleep soundly even while away from home.
  • Don’t underestimate the fun of stopping for afternoon tea. It’s not something most kids outside of England do regularly, but many kids find it enjoyable. Even if they don’t like the tea, they’re likely to love the cakes and other treats that are also served.

Is your mind spinning with ideas for your upcoming London vacation? If it’s difficult to determine the best London family-friendly tours and activities for your family, get your kids involved in the decision making. Tell them about the tours you think they’ll enjoy and show pictures and videos online. Watch their faces and listen to their reactions to determine what tours may get them the most excited or teach them the most.

There’s so much to do in London. What will your kids get to do on your next big adventure? 

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