Best Virtual Sightseeing Tour of London to Help Plan Your Trip


A virtual sightseeing tour of London is the perfect way to get a sneak-peek to help plan what you want to do on vacation in London.

You don’t have to wait until you set foot in London to start sightseeing. Virtual sightseeing tours allow you to get a first glimpse at the biggest attractions, and that can make planning your trip easier and faster. It’s a great way to decide on those attractions that are on your maybe list. A virtual sightseeing tour of London may also help you determine the amount of time you want to spend at certain points of interest.

Best Virtual Sightseeing Tour of London Options:


Visit London 360

This photographic virtual sightseeing tour delivers 360-degree views of London’s top attractions. It’s so simple to use that even young children can play without getting confused.

This is how it works:

  1. Look at a map of London that features pinpoints for more than 20 leading London attractions. Mouse over the pinpoints to see the name of each attraction. Most are close to Central London, but there are some points further out.
  2. Click on the pinpoint you want to explore further.
  3. The map opens to a full-screen image of the view from the chosen attraction. The photography is so sharp that you will feel like you’re standing there looking out over the London horizon.
  4. Move your mouse over the image to change your view. Your hand serves as the turn of your head when looking out at the views in London. You can turn it 360 degrees to see everything from all angles. You can also scroll in and out to get closer views, and the photography remains sharp at closer viewpoints.
  5. Click back to the map at any point to explore London from a new viewpoint.

Look Up London Virtual Tours

Join a prize-winning Blue Badge Tourist Guide and award-winning London history blogger and for virtual tours that wander through some of the lesser-known areas of the city. Katie schedules virtual tours online and uses HD video clips, photography, and Google Maps street views to deliver in-depth tours that will show you a real slice of London.

You also get the real-time commentary of a history buff and London expert, which is what sets Katie’s virtual tours apart from many others. Each tour is different, but they are all focused on some of the more unusual and interesting London spots. She just might show you a thing or two that you will otherwise miss on your upcoming London vacation.

You can join one Look Up London virtual tour for £11.37 or pay £35.08 for a full membership that gives you access to all Look Up London tours plus some additional perks.

London’s Bridges by Night Virtual Tour

Scroll through stunning images that deliver 360-degree views of London’s most famous bridges at night in this virtual sightseeing tour of London. You’ll see the bridges light up and the water glitter beneath. Use your mouse to move the images, which creates an interactive experience that even small kids may enjoy. The images move slowly on their own if the image isn’t touched.

London Attraction Virtual Tours

Most of London’s major attractions now offer some type of virtual tour. Look up the museums, art galleries, and palaces up online to see what they each have to offer. These tours are free and will show you inside views of big London attractions.

To get your search started, here are some of the biggest virtual tours that you don’t want to miss:

Virtual Sightseeing Tour of London with Kids

Traveling London with kids is an adventure you may never forget, but you want to make sure it’s an enjoyable adventure. It’s often difficult to describe travel destinations to children and get their feedback on what they want to do and see. Those conversations become easier when you show your children the attractions through a virtual sightseeing tour of London.

When your child sees something on a virtual tour that makes them smile or gets them excited, you know it needs to go on the itinerary. If they don’t take a virtual interest in something, it doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy it on the trip. It just might mean you need to find a way to make that attraction more entertaining when you visit.

Virtual sightseeing tours bring London to life from a distance. Take advantage of them to make sure your travel plan is a winner for every member of the family.

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