Best Walking Map of London Attractions – Where to Find Yours


Have you thought about dedicating some time in your vacation plan to following a walking map of London? If so, we have some great resources that will help you find the best walking map of London attractions. If no, we have a quick list of facts that may get you on the London walking map bandwagon:

Why Your Family Needs a Walking Map of London Attractions

  • Many of the best self-guided tours are free. At the most, they come with a small fee that is far less than the cost of a paid London tour, especially since you don’t need to buy a ticket for every member of your family. One map is your family ticket to at least 30 minutes of fun.
  • You can check the route and familiarize yourself with the tour area before you go to London. You can even add stopping points to the route, creating a more personalied walking tour of London.
  • You get to move at your own pace without interference from other tour guests. There are no other participants to get annoyed that your toddler walks too slow or your teenager talks too loud. You don’t have to keep up with a tour guide because you are the guide.
  • There’s no need to schedule an exact time. You go on the walking map tour whenever you reach the spot designated as the starting point. There’s no guide to leave you if you’re running a little late and no need to wait on other guests to arrive.

Favorite Walking Map Options:


Walking maps of London are a lot of fun for kids of all ages as well as adults. So where do you get yours? Below is our list of resources for the best walking map of London attractions.

  • Footways Online Map – The Central London Footways map is hosted on Google Maps, so it’s easy to access from most mobile devices. It was created by a charity program hoping to reduce traffic and create healthier London streets. It’s a great resource that will help you get around London on foot or even create your own walking routes.
  • London Walk City & Thames Sightseeing – This walking map of London will take you more than three hours to complete if you go at a consistent yet moderate speed. It starts and ends at Trafalgar Square and will take you past the Golden Jubilee Bridges, London Eye, Big Ben, Royal Festival Hall, Oxo Tower, and many other well-known London attractions. Oxo Tower is a great place for a longer stop if you enjoy art galleries.
  • Self-Guided Kensington Walk – This 2-mile walking map of Kensington is versatile. You can complete it in under one hour if you keep moving or stretch it out into an all-day adventure that passes through the Portobello Market, Diana Princess of Wales’ Memorial Playground, Kensington Palace, Royal College of Music, and other attractions.
  • London Shopping Self-Guided Walk – This is the perfect self-guided London tour for the family that wants to shop together. It starts off with a trip through China Town and makes stops at popular shopping destinations for books, music, and electronics.
  • Bridges of London Self-Guided – Walk from Westminster Bridge to Tower Bridge, exploring nine of the 33 bridges currently crossing the Thames River. The walk takes you along the river’s north bank and passes a variety of attractions beyond the bridges. This is a great self-guided tour of London for those days you just want to relax and look at Mother Nature.
  • Harry Potter Walking Tours I & II – There are paid Harry Potter tours in London, but these two are free. You download an app on your phone to access the map and other resources, creating the experience of walking with a tour guide while you stroll at your own pace. These walking maps of London are great for families with little Potterheads.

Create a Custom Walking Tour of London

If you don’t see the perfect London walking map listed above, consider designing your own route. You select from a long list of attractions and allow the computer to turn those points into a walking route through London. Is there any better way to create a walking tour that is tailored to the needs and interests of your family?

You now know the benefits of finding a walking map of London, and you have a convenient list of resources that will lead you to the perfect map for your family. What else do you need? Nothing but a bit of excitement and perhaps an hour or two to spare on your itinerary.

You never know what you’ll discover when following a self-guided walking tour map of London attractions, so we recommend giving yourself some wiggle room in your daily plan. London is much more fun when the family is free to stop and explore unexpected treasures that surface along the way.

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