Cool Burger Places in London That Deliver


Many cool burger places in London are now delivering, thanks to limitations on socialization caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.  This has revolutionized the way people get their food and will continue into the future.

That gives you more options than ever when you crave a great burger in any part of the city. Some restaurants allow you to order for delivery directly from their kitchens. Others are delivering only through local delivery services.

To help you get a juicy burger in London today, we rounded up some of the coolest burger places now delivering in London. The details here may change at any time as responses to the COVID-19 virus continue to change. You can look up most of these restaurants online to see if they’re still delivering at the time of your London trip.

Best Burgers to Get Delivered to You:


Absurd Bird

Absurd Bird is rooted in the deep south of the United States and is primarily a chicken place, but that doesn’t stop the Bird from making an Absurd burger that you won’t easily forget. You can also try chicken and waffles, extremely hot wings, and a variety of vegetarian selections. There’s even cheesecake if you want dessert.

If you guessed that the burgers are made from chicken rather than beef, you’re right! Before you knock it, stop into one of the two London locations. One is on Peter Street in Soho, one block over from the Berwick Street Market. The other is in the Spitalfields area on Commercial Street.

Absurd Bird is delivering at least from the Soho location. Contact the location of your choice to order directly.

Dirty Bones

This is one of the cool burger places in London that is now delivering to the following London areas:

  • Battersea
  • Canary Wharf
  • Kensington
  • Shoreditch
  • Soho

Dirty Bones was created in the spirit of New York City. The goal was to bring great food and delicious cocktails to liven up neighborhoods throughout London. They accomplished that goal with a menu loaded with creative recipes, including some really great burgers.

Try a Classic with brisket and dry-aged steak or the Mac Daddy with brisket, dry-aged steak, pulled beef short rib, plus mac and cheese. BBQ sauce completes the Mac Daddy while the Classic burgers are finished off with dijonnaise.

Honest Burgers

You can order Honest Burgers through Deliveroo and Uber Eats only. The same menu is available, including a specially created burger of the month. There are more than 10 locations throughout the UK, so look them up and find the one closest to your current location.

What does it mean to be an Honest Burger? It comes down to ingredients that are healthier for humans and the environment. This establishment uses free-range chicken and quality beef that you can trust. There are multiple plant-based burgers on the menu right alongside the beef burgers.

Patty & Bun

Patty & Bun is now delivering through Deliveroo. You can put your post code into their website to see if they’re currently delivering to your location. With more than 10 locations throughout the UK, there’s a good chance they can deliver to your area of London.

This burger chain still has some great deals to help you save money. For instance, the Meal Deal for 2 allows you to select any two burgers, two portions of chips, and one side dish for one convenient price. Whether you go for the “Ari Gold” Cheeseburger with smoky P&B mayo or the “Smokey Robinson” Burger with mounds of caramelized onions, you can expect to make a mess in all the good ways.

The Chili Burger is also a big hit at Patty & Bun. There’s a vegetarian, plant-based burger on the menu as well. You can easily feed a family here with so many options.

Ordering Cool Burger Places in London For Delivery

There are a few steps to take when you’re ready to order cool burger places in London for delivery:

1. Look at the burger places in your area of London. Many restaurants now offer their full menus online, so find their websites and decide what you want to eat.

2. Determine your delivery options. Can you deliver straight through the restaurant, or do you need to contact a local delivery service? Make sure to check the delivery hours and any added fees beyond the tip.

3.  Place your order and enjoy your food.

While you’re looking for burger delivery in London, look for  cool burger places in London that deliver DIY burger boxes. The boxes include everything you need to cook and create the burger in your own kitchen. Most of the boxes are available throughout London or even beyond, so you don’t need to get to the restaurant’s neighborhood to order delivery.

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