Fancy Burger Places in London Near Soho


There are some fancy burger places in London near Soho that will get anyone in the family excited about these great burger options.

Move over McDonald’s! Step aside Burger King!

Soho is a prestigious area in the West End of London that is known as a lively fashion and arts district with an upbeat nightlife. It’s also a great place to visit during daylight hours, especially if you want to shop and eat. It’s home to restaurants selling a variety of cuisines, and fancy burger places are definitely in the mix.

We put together a list of the fanciest burger places in the Soho area because we know how important it is to grab a juicy burger while on vacation. When McDonald’s just won’t do, head to one of these fancy burger places in London near Soho.

Soho Hot Spots and Fancy Burger Places in London:


Bill’s Soho Restaurant

Bill’s is located on Brewer Street just north of Chinatown Gate and Leicester Square. That’s the heart of Soho, so it’s convenient to all of your favorite Soho hotels and attractions. The All Day Menu is massive, including everything from chargrilled minute steak to fish pie and chicken curry.

That menu also contains Bill’s Classic Burger. It’s an all-beef patty topped with lettuce, tomato, red onion, and spiced mayo. A sesame seed bun and rosemary salted fries top off the meal. If you prefer a vegetarian burger, order the Halloumi & Avocado Burger. The Buttermilk Chicken Burger is another option to consider.

Burger & Lobster

Nebraskan beef and lobster join teams to make this fancy burger place near London’s Leicester Square successful. You’ll find it on Wardour Street, right by the M&M’s World candy store and the LEGO Store. That’s a convenient location not only to Soho attractions but Chinatown as well.

What makes this upscale burger joint attractive is the unique combinations of lobster and beef. You can order just a burger, just lobster, or a combo that includes lobster and beef. You can even order a single burger that includes beef and lobster if you order the B&L Beast Burger.

There are separate brunch, lunch, and dinner menus, but they all feature some type of burger. The meat is tender and juicy, and the toppings are some of the more adventurous in London.


Creativity and sustainability come together to create a sophisticated menu at this Soho restaurant. The menu is rich with oysters, ribs, deer, truffles, fish, and burgers made from plants and dairy cows. Both the plant-based burger and the dairy cow burger are loaded with bacon, cheese, lettuce, and shallots. While those toppings may seem basic, many would say this is among the best burgers available in Soho today.

Fallow is located on Regent Street alongside some of the most popular Soho restaurants. It’s convenient to most attractions in the area, and it delivers fresh flavor without the more adventurous ingredients that you’ll find at many other creative London burger places.

Heddon Street Kitchen

Burgers in Soho are great. Burgers from a Gordon Ramsey restaurant close to Soho are an amazing experience. While this upscale restaurant is considered a part of the Piccadilly area, it is convenient to many of the most popular Soho attractions. You’ll find it toward the western edge of Soho on Heddon Street. Don’t miss the Hidden Heddon bar, which is tucked underneath the restaurant.

There’s only one burger on the main menu at this fancy London restaurant. It’s made from dry-aged beef and is covered in Monterey jack cheese and siracha mayo. That may sound simplistic when compared to some of the more creative burger places in London, but it’s cooked to juice perfection every time.

Every burger is served with triple-cooked chips, and you can add other sides from the menu if you choose. If you’ve ever dreamed of dining in Gordon Ramsey style, don’t pass up the Heddon Street Kitchen.

Tommi’s Burger Joint

Tommi’s isn’t one of the fanciest burger spots in Soho, but it is one of the best places in Soho to grab a hamburger or cheeseburger. The menu is rather simple. You have Tommi’s Classic burger with all of the expected toppings, and you can make it a double if you choose.

The Veggie Burger will hit the spot if you want to keep it light and healthy. The Chicken Burger is another option if you’re just looking for something different with all of those classic burger toppings. There’s a kid’s burger on the menu to accommodate families.

You’ll find Tommi’s on the corner of Berwick Street and D’Arblay Street. This area is loaded with restaurants and shops filled with quality goods and souvenirs. There are other locations in Iceland, Denmark, Germany, and Italy. Your trip to London is the perfect opportunity to put this trendsetting burger spot to the test.

Where do you plan on stopping for a Soho, London, burger? There are many more options for fancy burger places in London near Soho where this came from, so don’t hesitate to slip into a diner or restaurant and see what’s on the menu. Vacation is the perfect time to try something new. 

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