Karaoke Places in London Where the Whole Family Can Join the Fun


Looking for some fun karaoke places in London for a night out with the whole family?  Do you love the lighthearted vibe of a great karaoke bar but wish it were ok for the kids too? 

London is loaded with pubs and bars that offer fun karaoke events for adult patrons, but there are also some private karaoke booths where kids are welcomed. Let’s dive right into some of our top picks for karaoke places in London suitable for the whole family.

Fun Karaoke Places in London:


All Star Lanes

Knock down some pins and then step into a private karaoke booth to sing a few tunes. Break up the fun with a good meal, taking advantage of the thoughtful kid’s menu. You get to choose from multiple song collections, which allows you to customize the music your family enjoys singing to some extent.

You’ll find All Star Lanes on Brick Lane near the Buxton Street intersection. Book your karaoke experience in advance for a slightly reduced hourly rate. You can save even more by booking a booth in off-peak hours, which typically means before 5 p.m. on a weekday. Some off-peak weekend hours are available as well.

Booths are charged per person, per hour. Small booths can hold up to seven people while large booths will accommodate up to 14.

Kingpin Suite

Rent a luxury suite that includes bowling lanes and a karaoke booth plus arcade games and more. It’s like booking a private game room just for your family with access to foosball, table tennis, and a pool table.

This is a luxury experience that may go beyond the budget many families have for a simple karaoke night. It’s still a great option if you need a cozy place to have a little fun on a rainy or chilly day in London and there is some wiggle room in the budget.

Kingpin Suite is used more for large parties and group events, but it is a great environment for families who want to relax and enjoy some indoor fun time as a group. There are some kids specials available, but you need to call to get the details and check availability.

This family-friendly karaoke venue is located at the Tavistock Hotel in Tavistock Square.

Lucky Voice

Lucky Voice offers karaoke parties for kids on the weekends only.  The venue is open to adult karaoke only outside of these set times, so check the website to reserve kid-friendly dates while you’re in London.

Your family will rent a private booth for two hours of sing time. They prefer kids at least 11 years of age but may accept younger children if you call in advance to ask. Parents have the option of paying to join in on the fun in-booth or enjoying a little relaxation time at the bar. The only requirement is that at least one parent remains in the building at all times.

You can choose from multiple service plans that entitle your little ones to varying levels of refreshment. The most cost-effective kid’s party plan includes crisps (chips) and one soft drink for each kid. There’s also a package that includes pizza and one that offers cake and candles for birthday experiences.

Locations are in Soho, Islington, Holborn, and Brighton.

Karaoke Box

This venue rents private karaoke boxes, so everything is set up for an hour or more of singing the moment you walk in the door. Kids are allowed to participate until 8 p.m., and it’s adults only until about 3 a.m. You book your time slot online and show up ready to sing.

While they have larger booths that may accommodate bigger groups, there are only two operational mics in any booth at one time. If you have 20 or more people in your party, you’re required to book at least a two-hour time slot. One-hour slots are the minimum for smaller groups and families. If you call in to book same-day reservations, you’re limited to two-hour time slots. Online reservations are preferred.

You are required to purchase one drink from the bar during your trip, and that’s an added charge on top of your rental fee. You can order nonalcoholic beverages, so it’s not a big deal for most families who will want refreshments anyway. Look out for service charges, which are commonly added to your tab.

There are a lot of details in the agreement for Karaoke Box, so make sure to read the fine print and understand the terms. Locations are in Mayfair, Smithfield, and Soho.

Preparing the Family for a Sing-Along

Not quite ready to visit the best karaoke places in London with your kids? 

It’s understandable that children of all ages may get excited going into a private karaoke booth, especially if it’s their first experience. Talk to your kids on the way so that they understand proper behavior for the setting. For instance, young children may not understand that they need to share the microphones and may not get to sing every song that comes to mind.

Most karaoke venues in London have policies that allow them to charge you for cleanup if the booth is left a mess. They may also charge you for any damage to furniture, flooring, or equipment, so supervision is essential with groups of young, excited children or teenagers.

If you’re concerned that younger children might not maintain a long-term interest in singing, go to one of the bowling alleys that double as karaoke venues. You’ll always have an alternate activity to keep them happy while the rest of the family enjoys the music.

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