London Attractions Near Earls Court to Visit with Kids


If you are looking for London attractions near Earls Court, you will find some of of the most interesting places in the city.

Head just west of Central London and you’ll find a neighborhood known as Earls Court. It was home to the Earls Court Exhibition Centre, but that building has since been demolished. What remains is a quiet Kensington district that is close to the tube and a short distance from many Central London attractions. It’s a safe place for families to stay in London, and this guide will tell you some of the best things to do in the area.

Our Favorite London Attractions Near Earls Court:


Earls Court Police Box

You’ll find the blue Tardis Police Box close to the Earls Court tube station. It was originally built to help police manage what was once a hot spot for prostitutes, drug dealers, and criminals. The box included a camera at the top to record what was happening out on the street and was connected directly to the police station.

The box is no longer operational as a police resource, thanks to a substantial street cleanup and renovation project that removed most crime from the streets of Earls Court. It remains as a tourist attraction and is included in the Doctor Who Walking Tour of London. The tour is suitable for kids and adults of all ages.

Some London visitors also find the blue box a great place for selfies. You don’t have to love Doctor Who to use it as a backdrop.

The exact address for the box is 232 Earls Court Road.

Finborough Theatre

If you want to catch a show in London while staying close to Earls Court, look for the Finborough Theatre just minutes to the south. It’s a small theatre that isn’t as flashy as some of the bigger names in London’s theatre district, but it still puts on high-quality plays and musicals at prices that many London tourists can afford.

You can book tickets online and then pick them up one hour before the show starts. The box office is located inside the Finborough Arms Pub.

The Troubadour

This is one of the family favorite London attractions near Earls Court that is located on the edge of Earls Court on Old Brompton Road, The Troubadour is a lively restaurant and live music venue with a rich history. The menu is a mix of European, British, and international cuisine, and dishes range from cheap to luxurious. You can find affordable food here, and it’s a great option for brunch or breakfast.

Much of the live music is contained in the downstairs area, but jazz music is played live in the upstairs restaurant and bar a few nights a week. The venue was once a hot spot for big names in the music industry, and much of the décor is related to that musical past. You’ll see framed records, newspaper clippings, photographs, and other memorabilia that relate to Bob Dylan and other stars that once walked through the doors of The Troubadour.

You can dine with children in the restaurant during daytime hours. Some kids may enjoy spending time in the garden, but they do allow smoking out there. Remember that live concerts are held downstairs most nights, so go for an early lunch or dinner if you have little ones.

Kensington Palace Gardens

Find this street near Earls Court to see where some of the richest people in London live. This street is well known for its luxurious mansions and famous residents. You can’t tour the homes, but you can drive by slowly and admire the architecture while wondering what it’s like to live in such a neighborhood. Of course, you can also compare the display of modern luxury to the rich palaces in which the Royals reside.

Kensington Palace

When you’re done looking at those fancy houses, why not take a tour of Kensington Palace? It’s still a Royal residence, so the entire structure isn’t open to the public. What you can see will give you a taste of how the Royals live while filling you in on some of the palace’s rich history.

Kensington Palace is less than three miles north of Earls Court. You can get there easily by riding the tube, or it’s about a 15-minute drive if you have private transportation. If you’re traveling with kids, stop off at the Diana Memorial Playground while you’re there.

Should You Stay in Earls Court?

While there are great London attractions near Earls Court, it is also a good option for hotels and apartments if you want to escape the crowds and activity of Central London at the end of a busy sightseeing day. You’ll find a mix of affordable budget hotels and luxury hotels in the Kensington area, and most welcome families with kids of all ages.

Most hotels in Earls Court are close to at least one tube station, so it’s easy to get back to Central London and other areas of the city each morning. The streets of Earls Court are safe, but you should still pay attention to your surroundings and travel safely after dark.

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