Are London Multi-Attraction Tickets Ever a Bad Option for Families?


London multi-attraction tickets give you a chance to get a discount on top attractions but sometimes are not the best option for some families.

In addition to investing in an attraction pass like the London Pass or London Explorer Pass, you can take advantage of multi-attraction tickets offered directly by select London attractions. These tickets will save you a lot of money if you can select attractions that aren’t covered by those more inclusive attraction passes.

To help you make sense of the discount passes available in London, we created a brief guide to using multi-attraction passes. They make sense in some circumstances but aren’t necessarily your best options in others. To save the most money, you need to understand all of your options.

How London Multi-Attraction Tickets Work

London multi-attraction tickets allow you to buy tickets to multiple London attractions at one time. There’s a convenience factor when you think about the time it would otherwise take to reserve tickets for all included attractions, but financial savings are the real reason most families are interested in booking this type of London deal.

The process typically works like this:

  1. Visit the website for each attraction you want to visit. Write down the cost of reserving tickets for your family on your preferred visiting date. Pay attention to age limits because you may get free or reduced-price tickets for younger children when booking directly through each venue.
  2. Check for multi-attraction tickets available from each venue. You will find these by clicking to the ticket page as if you’re ready to buy tickets. You’ll see a breakdown of all ticket options, including the option to secure tickets to other attractions with one convenient transaction and a discount price. Write down the cost of securing tickets for your family with the multi-attraction deals.
  3.  If you find a multi-attraction deal that does save you money, reserve your tickets for all included attractions from one website. Rather than purchasing individual event tickets, you will select the multi-attraction deal and reserve those tickets for your family.
  4. Redeem your tickets while in London. Most tickets won’t require you to visit the attractions on the same day. You may have a voucher to bring to the ticket office when you arrive, or you may reserve your exact visiting day online in advance. Pay attention to the scheduling options and processes to determine when and how you need to book your trip to all attractions included in the deal.

You may also find multi-attraction tickets offered by third-party companies. Those passes may require you to visit the website for each attraction to schedule your visit. Other times, the third party allows you to book exact visit dates on their own website.

Reasons London Multi-Attraction Tickets Might Not Work for Families


1. The cost of the deal doesn’t result in significant savings.

Most multi-attraction passes will offer adequate savings to make it worth your time. Occasionally, you will find deals that really don’t offer much savings when compared to the cost of booking directly with each venue. That may happen when you realize that you get more perks or added benefits with tickets purchased directly through each attraction.

To make sure a London multi-attraction tickets deal is worth the cost, first make sure that the deal offers all benefits included with tickets directly booked with each venue. You want to compare tickets that provide equal access, so pay attention to added benefits like skip-the-line deals.

2. You can get free or lower priced tickets elsewhere.

Some families find that they don’t need to buy multi-attraction tickets for every member of their family. Younger children may gain free access to one or more of the attractions due to their age, so they don’t need a ticket for each venue. In that case, you may buy a mix of single and multi-attraction tickets to accommodate all members of your family.

Some attractions are included in multiple deals through different venues and companies, so you may need to compare your options to see where you get the best deal. London Eye is one attraction that is often included in a variety of discount offers.

3. Your family doesn’t have an interest in all attractions included in the deal.

You may score a super low price when bundling attractions together, but what if you wouldn’t otherwise visit one of the attractions included? In that case, you’re spending more money by investing in the deal. You can save more by not buying tickets to attractions that you don’t really want to experience.

4. Some attractions aren’t appropriate for all members of the family.

The problem with some London attractions is they are great picks for some members of the family but not others. When you bundle tickets, you need to make sure that every included attraction is suitable for each member of the family.

If you intend to split up at times so that younger and older children can experience age-appropriate attractions, you may find that some bundled discounts aren’t needed for all family members. Ticket purchases get more complicated when you have more complex travel plans.

5.  Family passes are more affordable than the multi-attraction deal.

Many London attractions also offer special ticket packages for families. In some cases, that discount is bigger than the savings offered by multi-attraction passes.

Planning a trip to London may seem complicated when you start comparing savings between so many ticketing options and packages. Allow yourself time to find deals and compare prices before settling on any London multi-attraction tickets. It’s never too early to start planning a trip to London!

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