London Sights for Kids in the Square Mile That the Whole Family Will Love

Leadenhall Market in London

The Square Mile has some of the best London sights for kids that the whole family can get excited to visit.

The Square Mile is a 1.12-mile area of London that represents the original city as it was first established. The Romans originally created the city and then protected it with over two miles of walls, which are still visible in some places today. The walls blocked the city in, and then a variety of businesses were established on the inside.

Today, as well as housing London’s primary financial district, the Square Mile is one of the most popular attractions and destinations in London. You can set aside an afternoon or evening to explore everything it has to offer, and there are some great attractions there for kids. Let’s take a look at some of the most kid-friendly options for London sights for kids so that you know how to maximize your time in the Square Mile.

Top Square Mile London Sights for Kids:


Browse Leadenhall Market

This historic market will give you a unique shopping opportunity that beats any mall or shopping center. You can walk between lines of stalls, meeting people interested in selling you handcrafted items of every variety. There are also multiple food and drink opportunities.

Check Out the Sky Garden Views

If you’re lucky or smart enough to snag tickets, you can get amazing views of London from this rooftop garden. The Sky Garden is located at the top of a spectacular building, which you may want to check out just to admire the architecture. Consider eating at the restaurant as a family while you’re up in the garden.

Dine at the Gherkin

The Gherkin is arguably London’s most instantly recognisable skyscraper, gaining instant iconic status as soon as it was built. Here, as well as the top of a few other office buildings in the Square Mile, you’ll find intriguing restaurants and bars. Some are more suitable for young children than others, so make sure to do some research on your options in advance. Simply walking by this strip of office buildings may thrill some of members of your family simply because they’re elegant and beautiful.

Explore the Scenic Bridges

There are multiple bridges stretching over the River Thames within the Square Mile. That includes the London Bridge, Southwark Bridge, and Millennium Bridge. These locations are excellent ways to see the river as you head in or out of the area. Make sure to stop for pictures because the scenery from the bridges is often outstanding.

Get a Fright at London Dungeons

Enter the dungeon under the guidance of dynamic storytellers trained to bring the history of London to life. You’ll learn some of the more intriguing tales of the city while exploring interactive exhibits and going on thrilling rides. While this activity might be on the darker side, many children enjoy the experience.

Learn from the Museums

London’s Square Mile is home to a variety of museums, including the Bank of England Museum and Tate Modern. These points of interest give you the opportunity to include educational experiences in your next family vacation. If you read books and discuss the topics of exhibits you will encounter on your trip, younger children may have more of an interest in London history.

Relax at Postman’s Park

Every member of the family needs to stretch their legs and refresh with a burst of fresh air from time to time. When the sightseeing gets a little too intense, head to this park for an opportunity to relax. You’ll find the scenery refreshing while taking advantage of the benches and open spaces of grass.

Tour the Museum of London

While this isn’t the only museum in the Square Mile, it is among the best free museums in the area. It features exhibits on a variety of topics, and some of those focal points are of interest to children. You’ll pick up on some of the exciting history of London while spending time with your family and finding a quiet place to discuss everything you’re seeing and experiencing on your London family vacation.

Tour the Tower of London

Who doesn’t want to take a peek at the Crown Jewels when they visit London? You can do that and so much more when you explore this historical fortress. It serves as home to the Jewels plus the Royal Mint and the Royal Armories. Make sure to check out the Tower Bridge while you’re in the area.

View the Art Galleries

If you have older children able to appreciate the beauty of artwork, consider touring some of the galleries located within the Square Mile. It doesn’t take much time to stop in and view a few pieces of art as you head between attractions within the area, and the quiet environment may help soothe children in need of a mid-day nap.

How to Reach London’s Square Mile

To reach the best London sights for kids in the Sqaure mile, take the tube or underground railway to Bank station. When you emerge at street level, you’ll walk right into the Square Mile. This area is easily accessible by most London hotels as long as you can get to a tube (underground rail) station.

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