London Sightseeing for Kids in Southwark


Southwark has some great London sightseeing for kids that you will want to add to your vacation agenda.

Southwark is a London borough that extends south from the River Thames to the Crystal Palace Park area. The area is popular with the literary crowd thanks to a sizable list of connections to Charles Dickens. For starters, Dickens’s parents and siblings were all incarcerated in Marshalsea Prison and he used the prison as a place of birth in one of his literary creations.

You don’t have to be a Dickens fan to visit Southwark while in London. The borough is dotted with scenic parks and other green spaces along with some great entertainment venues and family-friendly restaurants. We’ve put together a list of our favorite kid-friendly Southwark attractions and points of interest to help you plan a memorable trip.

Favorite London Sightseeing for Kids in Southwark


The Shard

London sightseeing for kids is not complete without a visit to the Shard.  This is one of the more memorable London attractions, and it happens to rise into the Southwark skyline. It’s a massive vertical city that is topped by the spectacular Shangri-La Hotel. It’s filled with restaurants, apartments, commercial space, and everything else that you could imagine filling up a city.

While looking at the Shard from outside and walking through some of the floors is exciting, it’s the viewing gallery that grabs the attention of families with children. You can look out to 360-degree views of London while snagging some amazing photos.

Borough Market

You have to eat while on vacation, so why not give this food market a try? There are so many food vendor options that you may want to walk the full market before taking your pick. Visiting for lunch and dinner is another option if you see too many goodies to enjoy at once.

The market is also full of fresh produce and other foods that you may want to take back to your hotel or even home. Fresh, healthy food options are everywhere, so you can balance out those rich tea time treats and restaurant meals.

Depending on when you visit Southwark, you could catch live events in the market as well. Check the website or pop in once you arrive to see what’s happening during your trip.  

Southwark Playhouse

Are you always up for a little theatre? If so, this little theatre house won’t disappoint. They bring a variety of shows to the live stage while keeping their ticket prices reasonable, giving residents as well as visitors a chance to enjoy the pleasure of a live show.

Check the playhouse’s website to see what shows are on stage during your planned trip. The shows aren’t all kid-friendly, so look at the titles and descriptions closely before making your selection. You can book your tickets online to ensure you get seats for the full family.

Shakespeare’s Globe

This is another option for London sightseeing for kids who love theatre in Southwark. The Globe is located on the banks of the River Thames and is well-known around the world. In addition to catching a show while you’re in London, you can schedule a tour to see what happens behind the scenes. While some knowledge of Shakespeare will add some depth to the experience, it isn’t necessary to enjoy the tour and shows.

HMS Belfast

Do you have a little one obsessed with boats or warships? If your kids get a kick out of large ships, you should take them to see this Royal Navy Warship from the Second World War. You’ll find it in the Thames River between Tower Bridge and London Bridge. It gives you a great opportunity to talk about this history of London while your kids are focused on something spectacular in the water.

Self-Guided Treasure Trail

Buy this self-guided treasure trail before you head to London, and you’ll have a fun game to play while exploring St. Katharine Docks and the Tower of London. The trail provides entertaining stories about the history of these attractions and fuels the imagination of even the littlest treasure hunters. When you get stuck, you can opt into a text message with clues.

Even if you don’t spring for the trail guide, the Docks and Tower of London are two of the must-see Southwark attractions when London sightseeing for kids. They both have a rich history filled with entertaining stories, though you may find some of the tales a bit too dark for young children. You can buy guided tours of the tower if you want to bring a live narrator along to enrich the experience for your family.

Southwark for Kids

So, is your itinerary full of Southwark attractions that your kids will love? If not, there are plenty more options where these came from, and we look forward to helping you find them. Consider extending the day over the river to central London where there are some great historical and cultural attractions waiting for your attention.

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