London Top Attractions on a Map – Using the Best Interactive Guide


Want to see London top attractions on a map to better plan your vacation time?  There is an intereactive guide that can really help. 

Maps are one of the most valuable resources you have when traveling abroad. Luckily, you no longer have to strain your eyes to see the tiny print on a paper map. Technology allows you to carry more detailed maps in your phone or tablet, and you can zoom in to save your eyes and perhaps a lot of time.

There are a lot of maps that will show you the top attractions in London, but the best ones are interactive. They allow you to quickly find attractions, learn a bit about their importance, and then find the fastest route there. The map created by City Walks is one of the best interactive guides we have found to date, and we believe it’s a powerful tool whether you’re planning your trip or are ready to jump on the plane.

The City Walks London Top Attractions on a Map


City Walks offers an interactive London map that features all the big attractions plus some you may not know about just yet. It’s one of the more exhaustive maps out there, so don’t let the detailed presentation intimidate you at first glance. You can zoom in and focus on smaller areas of the city and even take your focus down to individual attractions.

The map provides small blurbs that will introduce you to each attraction, but you will need to do more research if you aren’t familiar with some points of interest. The map’s introduction is enough to help you determine what is worth looking into more and what isn’t right for your London vacation.

This map was designed to help travelers create personalized sightseeing tours of London for free. The focus is on presenting a wide variety of attractions and noting their locations so that visitors like you can create walking routes through the city. It’s a great resource if you want to customize your walking tour of London, but you can also use the map for trip planning and general exploration of what London has to offer.

How to Use the City Walks London Attractions Map

The City Walks map is internet based and easy to download through a smartphone, tablet, or other portable device. If you can’t see the points of interest clearly, look on the left edge of the map for a small white box with black arrows pointing out to all four corners. That box will make the map full screen so that you can see clearer.

The white box in the bottom right corner of the map that features stacked paper will give you options to customize the map so that it’s easier to maneuver. If you click the box next to any of the City-Walks info items, they will show on the map. You can then click the icons on the map to learn more about attractions and points of interest in London. Deselecting those boxes will take those icons off the map.

You can also click boxes to add or delete hotels, shops, and restaurants from the map. Finally, you can choose what type of map you want to view. Clicking through the standard, hybrid, satellite, and public traffic layers is the fastest way to see what view is best for you. Most viewers go with the standard view, which is the default setting.

The next step is to scroll around the map, clicking points of interest that you want to learn more about. You can find the closest underground stations to select attractions or use the search bar in the top left corner of the map to find specific points of interest. The search bar may also help you find all of the theatres, hotels, restaurants, and other attraction categories throughout the city.

While you can’t print the entire interactive map on one page, you can highlight select areas of the map to print. That makes it easy to mark a walking route through that area of the city or just use it to orient yourself once you arrive in London. Just look for the printer icon on the left side of the map screen. It will highlight the selected area of the map so that you always know exactly what you’re printing.

Planning Your Visit to London Top Attractions on a Map

London is bursting with things to do and see, so it’s easy to get lost with a never-ending list of must-see attractions. When you look at the top London attractions on a map, things become a bit clearer as you start to break the city apart into sections. Instead of looking at the big picture of attractions, you realize that you can spend an afternoon in Waterloo, then a day on the South Bank, and so forth.

While it’s important to have that list of attractions you can’t miss, it’s critical to spend some time studying a map like the one provided by City Walks. It’s the key to organizing your travel plans so that you spend less time commuting between attractions and more time soaking up the London atmosphere.

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