Saturday Things to Do in London – What’s Open? What’s Not?


On Saturday things to do in London make look different than the rest of the week!

In fact, the London streets fill with people on most Saturdays. While the commercial and business districts are closed and may feel abandoned, you won’t feel lonely when walking through areas rich with hotels, museums, restaurants, cafes, shops, and parks.

If you want to put the little ones to bed and enjoy the London nightlife, Saturday nights are perfect for pubs and other adult destinations. You may also find many theatre venues open, which gives you the option of enjoying the after-dark hours with older children or teenagers.

Favorite Saturday Things to Do in London:


So, what should you do on a Saturday in London? We have a list of ideas, including some things that are only open on Saturdays. Then we’ll fill you in on an important notice regarding weekend public transportation, so let’s get started.  

Saturday Things to Do in London Markets

There are street markets throughout London that only come to life on Saturday. If you’re in the Notting Hill area, stop by the full Portobello Road Market to see stands that don’t open on other days of the week. For southeast London, look for Maltby Street Market, which is only open on weekends.

If you want to spend half a day or even a full day browsing an elaborate market, check out the indoor and outdoor spaces at Brixton Market. It has entrances on Brixton Station Road, Electric Avenue, and Pope’s Road. You’ll wander through outdoor markets and sections that are covered for a more indoor experience.

Do you want to go where the locals go and avoid the crowds? Head to Broadway Market in the borough of Hackney. It’s a smaller market that only opens on Saturdays and is frequented mostly by locals.

Guided Walking Tours in London

The weekends are prime time for guided tours throughout London. Whether you’re interested in a Jack the Ripper tour or something more educational that focuses on history, you’ll have a lot of options on Saturday morning, afternoon, and night.

If you’re traveling with young children, check the length and theme of the tour before booking your tickets. Some tours focus on the darker side of London while others may require up to three or four hours of walking with few to no opportunities to sit down.

Street Entertainers in Covent Garden

You can see street performers work their magic any day of the week in Covent Garden, but the action is often liveliest on the weekends. Consider going in the evening after spending your day browsing the markets, shopping in stores, and dining at one of London’s finest restaurants.

Saturday Things to Do in London’s Most Beautiful Parks

If you want to stay away from the crowds at London’s biggest tourist attractions, spend your Saturday immersed in nature at one of the city’s parks. The following list will tell you some of the most popular activities at leading London parks:

  • Greenwich Park – walking with spectacular views of the city and the River Thames
  • Hyde Park – swimming, bicycling, walking, boating
  • Victoria Park – walking by canals and a pond
  • Richmond Park – hill walking, nature observance
  • Regent’s Park – boating, sports, theatre, rose garden strolling

Many of these parks are located close to popular London attractions, so you can spend some time unwinding and breathing the fresh air after waiting in those long attraction lines. For example, St. James’s Park is surrounded by royal palaces.

Kensington Gardens

You could consider Kensington Gardens another London park, but it takes natural beauty to another level. You’ll find it by the Kensington Palace, so you can easily fill your Saturday morning or afternoon with views of the palace and relaxing stroll through the park. The gardens are filled with beautiful flowers plus memorials and statues that speak to the history of London.

What’s Closed on Saturday in London?

Most London attractions are open at least part of the day on Saturdays. For restaurants and other service-oriented businesses, Saturday is oftentimes one of the most profitable days of the week.

What you may find closed in London on a Saturday is the underground railway (referred to by locals as the Tube). Critical maintenance tasks are completed over the weekend, and that may mean shutting some stations down. They will open up public bus routes to absorb the traffic to and from those stations, so you will still have a way to get around the city without private transportation.

Just keep in mind that bus service may take a bit more time than the underground rails. You may need to allow more time to get between destinations on the weekends if you don’t have private transportation.

Are you excited for your Saturdays in London? Keep in mind that many other visitors share that excitement. You may want to schedule time for relaxation in a park or by a fountain rather than packing your Saturday with attractions that are likely to be crowded.

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