Best Sherlock Holmes Attractions in London


The Sherlock Holmes attractions in London are some of the best in the world and a great experience for families.

Sherlock Holmes was a literary star who brought the Victorian times to life for millions of readers. Living and solving crimes in London with his inquisitive mind and the power of observation, he proved that it’s possible to turn small clues into big breaks in even the most challenging scenarios.

When you’re in London, it’s hard not to visit some of the London destinations that were mentioned in Sherlock’s world. There are some great places dedicated to this literary hero, and this list will introduce you to some of the best places to pay your respects and go back in time to those literary stories that stoked your imagination all those years ago.

Best 8 Sherlock Holmes Attractions in London:


1. Sherlock Holmes Museum

Take the tube to Baker Street station and find 221b Baker Street. This is where Sherlock Holmes lived with John Watson. It was also the location of his study, where much of the mystery-solving action took place. Today, it’s home to the Sherlock Holmes Museum.

One of the best Sherlock Holmes attractions in London, this museum contains recreated rooms that make you feel as if you just walked into the real home of these fictional characters. See a replica of the study where Holmes did a lot of his thinking. Then glance through the personal notes of Watson in a replica of his bedroom.

The museum also contains other memorabilia that fans may recognize from the original Sherlock Holmes stories. Stop off at the gift shop to buy memorabilia and souvenirs that you can take home.

May visitors may find that the museum is a bit out of place, resting between 237 and 241 Baker Street.

2. Baker Street Sherlock Holmes Statue

When you walk out of the Baker Street underground station, look for the bronze statue of Sherlock Holmes. It stands 9 feet tall and is positioned just outside of the station. It’s a great place to snap a few selfies before proceeding to the Sherlock Holmes Museum.

3. The Sherlock Holmes Pub

When you’re ready to combine Sherlock Holmes memorabilia and a great meal, head to Charing Cross near Trafalgar Square and find 10 Northumberland Street for another one of the best Sherlock Holmes attractions in London. That’s the location of a pub dedicated to the famous Holmes. You can view a recreation of the literary detective’s study plus stills from Sherlock Holmes film and TV shows.

When you’ve had your fill of memorabilia, head up to the rooftop garden or take your seat at a table in the restaurant. Watch the television screens to see Holmes in action while ordering from the Holmes-themed menu. All dishes are creatively named after characters and scenes in the literature and film.

4. Speedy’s Café at Euston Square

In the TV show Sherlock, 187 N Gower Street was used to portray Baker Street. Today, it’s home to Speedy’s Café and is the perfect place to grab a cup of tea or coffee and perhaps a light snack. You can sit inside or outside, taking in the scenery and thinking about your favorite scenes from the television series.

When you’re ready to get back to your day of sleuthing, look over the café’s memorabilia and consider taking home a Sherlock Holmes t-shirt for the memories.

5. Sherlock Holmes London Tours

You can spend days tracing down iconic spots in London that have appeared in the BBC Sherlock Holmes TV series, modern Holmes movies, or even in the original stories. That would take a lot of time and you would likely miss some of the smaller spots of relevance.

That’s what makes London’s Sherlock Holmes walking tours so much fun. A knowledgeable guide will walk you through the city, providing interesting narratives and stories along the way. You’ll see many of the Holmes hot spots on this list plus many more.

Some of the best Sherlock Holmes walking tours in London include:

If you don’t want to walk, an alternative is the Jack the Ripper & Sherlock Holmes Bus Tour. It lasts for about three hours and starts at $48.08 per person.

6. Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

There are plenty of places to take pictures in places related to Sherlock Holmes, but what about snapping selfies with the legendary detective himself? You can do that when you visit two wax figures on display at Madame Tussauds in London.

The first is Robert Downey Jr. in full Sherlock Holmes attire. The second is Benedict Cumberbatch as the more recent Netflix show representation of Sherlock. Both sculptures give you the option of standing next to Sherlock and adding a few unique selfies to your photo gallery.

7. New Scotland Yard

If you watch Sherlock on Netflix, you know that Sherlock is sometimes called to New Scotland Yard. It’s a real place in London, and you can visit to see exactly where Sherlock was headed. It’s located on the Victoria Embankment and now serves as home to the Metropolitan Police Service.

There’s a sign that marks the spot, so you’ll know when you’ve found the building. It isn’t open to the public, but you can look around and maybe snap a photo or two.  

8. Conan Doyle’s House

The author of the original Sherlock Holmes stories, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, maintained an eye surgery clinic at 2 Devonshire Place, London. When he wasn’t busy with patients, he penned stories about Holmes. The clinic was where a lot of the writing magic happened, so you could consider it the birthplace of Sherlock Holmes as a character.

Today, the building that once housed Doyle’s eye surgery clinic is known as Conan Doyle’s House. It’s home to a dental clinic now, and there’s an apartment complex nearby that pays tribute to the great detective as well.


Introducing Kids to Sherlock Holmes Pre-Trip

What should you do before heading the the best Sherlock Holmes attractions in London?  The adventures of Sherlock Holmes are just as intriguing today as they were in the past. If you have children old enough to read some of the stories, that’s the best way to introduce them to Holmes before you visit Sherlock-inspired attractions in London. Maybe read some of the stories with your kids and discuss what makes literature of the past different from the literature they read today.

For younger kids unable to read and comprehend Sherlock Holmes stories, consider reading some of the stories out loud. You should determine when you think your children are ready for the content in each story.

Reading Sherlock Holmes yourself before handing it over to any child is recommended. As is expected with much literature from generations past, there are some themes and a bit of language that is questionable today.

There is still a place for Sherlock Holmes in today’s society, but it’s important to hand pick the stories you want your children to read. Only you know what your children will like and what you feel is appropriate for their young minds.

Of course, watching modern adaptations of Sherlock Holmes is a fun way to introduce children to the character as well and could be a great option for a family movie night.

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