Traditional English Things to Eat in London


When visiting London with your kids, dont miss out on trying some traditional English things to eat in London that you might not find anywhere else.

There are so many restaurants in London serving a seemingly endless list of international cuisines. You can enjoy authentic Indian, Middle Eastern, Chinese, Tex Mex, and many other types of food. Of course, there are some great cafes, diners, and restaurant serving up British and American foods as well. Some diners and cafes are a mix or fusion of cuisines.

If you want to get the full London experience, you should try some traditional English things to eat. Many British restaurants sell foods that are very English but not familiar to people from other areas of the world.

English Things to Eat in London When You Visit:


Bangers and Mash

This is simply mashed potatoes with sausage. You may see it with gravy, and many dishes will put peas on the side. You don’t have to worry much about this one. If you like high-quality sausage and mashed potatoes, there’s not much of an adventure here.

Beef Wellington

You’ll find this delicious dish on the menu at many upscale restaurants around the world today, but it is a traditional English food. Puff pastry is wrapped around a quality filet steak with or without pate, and then it is cooked to flaky perfection. While this may be one of the more expensive English foods to try in London, it’s worth the price tag when cooked by a British chef who knows how to do it properly.


These small crabs aren’t for everyone, but they are a challenge if you’re up for a culinary adventure. Not all restaurants in London will have them, so look over the menus at traditional British diners and cafes until you find it.

Eton Mess

Do you like strawberries? How about strawberries with cream and crushed merengue? If that sounds great, you will love Eton Mess. This traditional English dessert might be one of your kids favorite things to eat in London.  It is similar to strawberry shortcake, but many would say it’s so much better.  

Full English Breakfast

Have you seen reviews talk about the quality of a restaurant’s “full English breakfast” or “proper English breakfast?” They’re referring to a breakfast plate that consists of the following:

  • Sausage
  • Bacon
  • Eggs
  • Fresh tomatoes
  • Mushrooms
  • Black pudding
  • Toast
  • Beans

You may see hashbrowns included as well as other variations, but the beans are essential.

Steak and Kidney Pie

Stuff pastry dough with steak and kidney meat along with fried onions and gravy to make this authentic English meal. If the kidneys scare you a little, try it just once. With the steak and gravy, you’re not likely to detect the taste as much as you might think. You may actually like that taste when blended into the full pie.

Sunday Roast

While this is one of the things to eat in London, this one may sound tame. But the truth is, eating roast on Sunday is about as traditional English as you can get. Make sure to have the Yorkshire pudding with it to get the authentic experience. Restaurants are doing the roast in different ways with a variety of meats, so you may want to try this one a few times to get the full experience. There are so many different ways to do a roast.

Tea Time

Stopping for tea while in London is essential. Tea houses are relaxing experiences that come with finger foods and sweet treats in addition to the best tea you may ever sip. Many restaurants now have tea time specials, so you don’t have to go out of your way to enjoy this English custom.

Toad in the Hole

This dish involves baking sausage links into Yorkshire pudding batter. The American spinoff often involves placing the sausage inside bread, but Yorkshire pudding is the traditional version that you should try at least once.

Vegetables are often served along with this dish. It may or may not come with gravy. 

Tips for Trying New Foods and Things to Eat in London

If you aren’t familiar with some English foods, you have two options. You can embrace your sense of adventure and just order something that sounds enticing or exotic. The second option is to go into it with more caution by asking for suggestions and recommendations from the wait staff on things to eat in London. Some restaurants will send out a sample of sauces or foods to give you an idea of what you’re getting into.

You may also find appetizers or sampler platters at some restaurants. Those are great ways to try out some English foods before you place a larger order.

Finally, you can share an English dish with another member of the family if you’re unsure about it. You can always order something you know you’ll like if the first dish isn’t to your taste. You share both dishes, so it’s not as expensive as buying a second meal just for yourself.

English foods aren’t among the most exotic in the world, so try something new. Afterall, new adventures are what vacations are all about!

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