Top London Sightseeing Tours in Soho


Top London sightseeing tours give you a wide view of a neighborhood or city in a short period of time. 

Walking tours are more intimate and give you a direct impression of the area’s character, but bus tours allow you to cover more ground in the same period of time if not less. You may also choose a river cruise or boat tour, which deliver a different perspective on the city.

If you want to explore Soho, you can’t go wrong with a sightseeing tour that covers the area. Well known for its history in the rock n’ roll scene and its many bars and pubs, this is the London area to visit if you enjoy the nightlife. Yet, there are still a lot of family-friendly attractions and places of interest that make Soho a versatile attraction in London.

Favorite London Sightseeing Tours in Soho:


Sightseeing tours are a lot of fun and provide a ton of historical information, but how do you pick the right one for your group? We can help by highlighting some of the top London sightseeing tours in Soho available right now.

Mayfair Chocolate Ecstasy Tour

Do you have a chocolate lover or two in the family? If so, you can’t miss the Chocolate Ecstasy Tour in London. This walking tour will venture through the chocolate shops of Soho and neighboring communities. You’ll receive hot chocolate and a tutorial that introduces the chocolate-making process in addition to samples and discounts if you want to take a bit of the sweetness home.

This tour starts with approximately 45 minutes in a seated area. You will then walk a 1.5-mile route while stopping off at chocolate shops to taste test and select your favorite goodies.

London Rock Music Tour

Take an air-conditioned bus through the rock n’ roll hotspots of Soho. You’ll learn about some of rock’s biggest names and their experiences in London while looking at some of the neighborhood’s most popular attractions. You’ll venture out of Soho to cover other neighborhoods with rock roots as well, so settle in for a ride that could take up a good part of your day.

Music Walking Tour of London’s Soho

This is the walking equivalent of the tour listed above, but it’s limited to the streets of Soho. A guide will walk you through some of the most noteworthy spots throughout the neighborhood while telling you true stories that have been passed down through the years.

Chinatown to Soho Night Photography Tour

This unique Soho sightseeing tour isn’t limited to professional photographers. If you have a camera and want to take some great nighttime photos while in London, this is your opportunity to do it with the guidance of an experienced photographer who also knows the city well.

The tour moves from Trafalgar Square through Chinatown and then into Soho. You will receive a hands-on lesson in slow exposure photography while snapping some amazing views that many visitors miss. You can bring the darkness to light while seeing Soho and Chinatown from a new perspective.

Murder Mile Walks

Murder in Soho. Perhaps it’s not something you want to think about while visiting London, but it does make for an entertaining tour of Soho. This tour will deliver details of the most noteworthy murders that have occurred in the area, and you can get a jumpstart on the info by listening to the Murder Mile podcast.

Make sure to get your tickets in advance because the walking tour of Soho is only offered for one time slot on Sundays. This isn’t the right tour for all families, so consider the interests and ages of all children before booking.

The Soho Experience – London Pub Walking Tour

The ale and beer is pouring throughout this Soho pub walking tour. You’ll hear the seedier tales of Soho’s past while enjoying the nightlife in this exciting neighborhood. While this isn’t a kid-friendly sightseeing tour, it’s an excellent opportunity for the adults to slip away for some grownup time. You will need reliable babysitting in London to make that happen, but it’s worth the effort if you can swing it.

Picking The Top London Sightseeing Tours In Soho

Think about the needs and interests of your family or group when selecting one of the top London sightseeing tours in Soho. The duration of the tour as well as the route taken and the attractions included along that route will determine how much you enjoy the experience. Pay attention to the little details as well, such as whether snacks are included and the times available.

While cost is a factor, it shouldn’t be your primary concern. A cheap tour that you find unsatisfying is a waste of money, so invest in a good tour that fits your budget as well as your interests and personal needs.

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