5 Top Tower of London Attractions the Whole Family Will Love


Tower of London attractions can be a lot of fun for the whole family and there are many to choose from that both you and your kids will love.

Her Majesty’s Royal Palace, otherwise known as the Tower of London, is one of the most popular family-friendly attractions in London. Kids of all ages love scouring the tower for sightings of the infamous black ravens and even trying to guess which is which, based on their individual personalities. Add the Crown Jewels and a ton of interesting historical tales, and you see why no family trip to London is complete without a stop at the Tower of London.

The question is what you should look for once you arrive at the tower. Whether you’re going for a tour of the tower or exploring on your own, the following five Tower of London attractions are among the best London attractions for families with kids.

 Best Tower of London Attractions for Families:


1. The Jewel House

If you can find the Waterloo Block of the Tower of London, you can find a vault holding a collection of beautiful Royal jewels. Known as the Crown Jewels, the collection includes more than 20,000 gemstones. Always watched by armed guards, the jewel vault includes a real coronet and a variety of pieces that are actively used by the Royal family today.

What makes the Jewel house fun for families with kids? For starters, most kids never see the wide variety of gemstones that are included in this collection. The sparkles. The colors. There’s a lot to catch the eye of little ones in the Jewel House. Some kids are also interested in learning how some of the jewels are used by the Royal family today and in the past.

2. The Medieval Palace

Where did the King and Queen stay while living in the tower back in medieval times? You’ll know once you walk through the Medieval Palace at the Tower of London. Once the residential quarters for Monarchs, there are three towers that make up the palace today:

  • Thomas’s Tower
  • Lanthorn Tower
  • Wakefield Tower

All three are a part of the Tower of London attracttions experience and will give your family a glimpse into the luxury of Royal quarters in medieval times. Even younger kids can enjoy walking through rooms that were once occupied by Monarchs.

3. The White Tower

You’ll know the White Tower when you see the white limestone building. It was built in 1066 by William the Conqueror with the goals of intimidation and defense and is now filled with exhibitions related to the armor and weapons once used to protect the tower.

The Line of Kings is one of the longest standing exhibits and Tower of London attractions that is a must-see for all families visiting London with kids. It shows real armor worn by Henry VIII, James II, and Charles I. Silvered armor once worn by Henry VIII is displayed with engraving that dates back to the 1500s.

All armor displayed in the White Tower comes with an interesting story or two that puts a spotlight on some of the most significant figures in London’s history. The armor makes such a dramatic impression that it is likely to grab the attention even of younger visitors.

4. The Bloody Tower

This is one of the more interesting parts of the Tower of London attractions because the history includes tales of imprisonment, torture, murder, and the disappearance of two young boys. While those stories are shared on many tours of the Tower of London, you can safely walk through the Bloody Tower without worrying that young children will see anything inappropriate.

The luxury and comfort of the rooms that once held prisoners may surprise you. There’s even a recreated garden to represent the garden grown by one of the most respected long-term Tower of London prisoners.

5. The Ceremony of the Keys

Every night at about 9:30 p.m., armed guards lock up the Tower of London to ensure another night of safety for the Crown Jewels, the ravens, and the historical tales preserved within. This ceremony was originally designed to ensure the Monarchs were locked in safely, but it continues today as tradition.

Preparing to Visit the Tower of London with Kids

Children of all ages can enjoy the Tower of London if they understand the significance of the tower before they arrive. Take the time to explore the history of the tower while talking about the resident ravens, the Crown Jewels, and the Beefeaters.

You can also turn the Tower of London into a family game by creating a list of things found inside and challenging children to find every item on the list during their visit. There are so many attractions within this one tower that you could create an interesting list that keeps children entertained and focused while you tour the tower.

There are also family-friendly tours of the Tower of London that are designed to keep both kids and adults well entertained. Private tours of Tower of London attractions are also an option, but the Beefeaters tour is one of the best for kids of all ages.

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