Finding Affordable Family Areas in London for Your Next Trip

Kings Cross Pedestrian Sign and Kings Cross Station

Before you start exploring individual hotels, bed and breakfasts and other accommodations, it may help to explore some of the most affordable family areas in London.  There are so many hotels in London, ranging from the economical to high luxury.  It may seem like everything is upscale in London, but you do have some less pricey options.

Affordable Family Areas in London to Visit:


This area is in West London, so you will need to commute to central London to visit many of the top attractions. Bayswater is home to Kensington Palace and Gardens, which will give you easy access to expansive gardens when you want to spend time outdoors. That’s free, of course!

You’ll find a variety of hotels in this area including some good budget hotels. Bayswater is also home to lots of cafes and coffee shops. If you’re looking for a quieter, more peaceful London area, this might suit your preferences for vacation accommodation.

Cartwright Gardens

This area is home to some serviced apartments that come at affordable prices. There are some small attractions convenient to the area, but you will have multiple public transportation options to get into central London for the bigger hits.

This is a good option for larger families that don’t find spacious rental options in other affordable areas of London. Just keep in mind that serviced apartments may cost a bit more than hotel rooms, but they also offer more space and some added benefits like full kitchens. Those kitchens could save you a lot of money and time over eating at local restaurants.

Kings Cross

This area is a major rail hub in London, and it has a nice selection of restaurants and other points of interest that may grab your attention. You should have no problem getting into central London by rail from any of the hotels in Kings Cross.

Depending on when you travel, you may score hotel rooms in this area for less than $50 a night in the affordable family areas in London. They aren’t the most spacious or luxurious rooms, but they will suit small families traveling on a budget. There are also some mid-priced hotels as well as some luxury options, so you can look at all your options before taking your pick.


Also located in west London, Paddington is home to some of the most recognizable hotel chains. That includes Best Western and Days Inn. You’ll also find some hotels you haven’t heard of before but which offer even more economical prices. Don’t’ expect the most spacious rooms or a long list of amenities and on-site restaurants, but you will save a bit of money.

As with Bayswater, you will need to spend some time commuting to central London to see many of the top attractions. That’s the case with most of the cost-effective places to stay in London.

Traveling Dates for the Biggest Savings in the Most  Affordable Family Areas in London

If you travel often, you may already know that visiting just outside of peak travel season can save you a ton of money on accommodations. Rather than paying hundreds of dollars per night for a luxurious, upscale hotel, you could pay half as much for the exact same accommodations. Budget-friendly hotels also slash their prices due to the less demand for the rooms.

In London, summer is the peak travel season. The lowest hotel prices are often seen in the winter months, but you may score deals in autumn and spring as well. If you can choose travel dates that are just before or after that summer travel season and book your accommodations in advance, you can get the best deals without risking bad weather or your trip in the affordable family areas in London.

There is a lot to do in London in the winter as well, so you won’t miss out much if you decide to stay far away from that peak summer travel season.

Picking a Place to Stay for Your London Family Vacation

When exploring these cost-effective and affordable family areas in London, keep safety and comfort in mind. If you have a large family, you may need to select an area with more spacious hotels or rental vacation homes. You want to save money when exploring London, but you also want to enjoy the time that you spend on holiday.

Before selecting your accommodations, pay attention to online reviews and testimonials. Look closely at all pictures available online and call the hotel if you have further questions. Most hotels will list room or rental home sizes online, so you can determine how much space your family will have before booking reservations.

Remember, where you stay isn’t the top consideration when visiting London. You will likely spend most of your time out exploring the city, so you really just need enough space to get some rest in a safe, comfortable area of the city each night.

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