Top 5 American Burger Places in London You Won’t Want to Miss


Looking for the best American burger places in London for a night out on vacation with your family?

Burgers are flipping off the grills in London, hot, juicy, and ready for those warm buns. The best burger places have mastered the cooking process and offer some of the most delicious toppings. There are unique themed burgers, creative burgers, and classic burgers ready to quench your biggest burger cravings.

You won’t have to look hard to find a café or restaurant serving up burgers in most areas of the city, but we put together a list of the top five burger places to give you a head start. Could you find your new favorite burger in the Big Smoke?

American Burger Places In London to Give a Try:


1. Burger & Beyond

There are two Burger & Beyond locations in London. One is north of Regent’s Park and the London Zoo in Camden’s Lock Market. The second is on Shoreditch High Street in the Hackney area. Both serve creative burgers utilizing dry-aged beef and unique toppings like sublime bernaise butter, smoky mayo, miso maple butter, and ranch pickle slaw.

Locals and visitors alike flock to Burger & Beyond not just for the juicy burgers with scrumptious toppings but also the dirty tots and friendly service. The Vegan Mushroom Raclette provides a vegan alternative to the meat, and there are burgers and sides that will appeal to kids of all ages.

2. Lucky Chip

Slip onto the worn couches of the Old Queen’s Head for a greasy burger and a side of comedy. The Lucky Chip serves burgers inside the pub and is well known for the El Chappo. It’s a patty of aged beef topped with smoked bacon, roasted jalapenos, blue cheese, and aioli.

The standard menu also includes classic single and double cheeseburgers along more adventurous options like the Woody Harrelson, which is stacked with mushrooms, roasted peppers, aubergine, aioli, ginger sweet chili, almond milk, and vegan cheese.

Lucky Chip also offers a Burger of the Month that allows customers to try something new. Try the vanilla ice cream topped with honeycomb or the cheesecake with berry compote for dessert.

3. Shake Shack

You’ll find Shake Shack on Tottenham Court Road, near Leicester Square, or in Covent Garden Market. The restaurant was created in New York City and now brings American burger goodness to the UK. In addition to juicy cheeseburgers, they serve hot dogs and frozen custard along with beer, wine, and milkshakes.

You can get a delicious classic American burger at any Shake Shack location, but you’ll also have the option to order creative burgers. Each location has their own menu, so may want to visit them all while you’re touring London.

4. P&B – Patty & Bun

Every great burger starts with a juicy patty and a bun. It’s what you put in between those ingredients that makes the difference between lip smacking and a shrug of the shoulders. You’re guaranteed to do some lip smacking when you try the homemade mayos and relishes created for the delicious burgers from this popular London burger place. There are 10 locations throughout the city, so it’s easy to slip this burger hot spot into your itinerary.

5.  Bleeker Street Burger

Bleeker Burger was established after the owner tasted a delicious burger in New York and set out to bring the magic to the UK. While often considered one of the best burger spots in London, keep in mind that everything is a bit smaller when you compare this burger joint to others in central London.

Start with a slightly smaller price tag. Add slightly smaller burger patties and a small dining area that limits on-site dining. That may sound like a deal breaker, but what Bleeker does serve up is delicious hamburgers prepared much like the classic cheeseburger you may order back in the U.S. The smaller patties are welcomed by many families feeding small kids in London.

Picking American Burger Places in London

Location is the first thing to consider when selecting the best American burger places in London. You may decide it’s worth going a little out of your way to find one of London’s best burger spots. You may also coordinate your dining options to your itinerary, hitting the best burger spots between attractions or places of interest.

It’s also important to consider your personal taste in burgers and the environment of the establishment. Some London restaurants, cafes, and pubs are more family friendly than others. Some elevate their burgers to gourmet standards while others stick close to the classic burger toppings. You can view the menus for many restaurants online, which allows you to choose a restaurant with flavors you want to try.

You can also use your trip to London as an excuse to try something new. Slip into any of the burger places listed here and try something that you wouldn’t normally consider. You never know when you’ll find your new favorite burger.

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