Around London Sightseeing by Bus: Tips and Tricks

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Bus tours are popular for around London sightseeing because there are so many things to experience. You won’t have time to do everything, but you can make time to drive by and see most of the attractions.

Bus tours also make it easy to scope out interesting architecture and pick up the general vibe of London when you first arrive.

But how do you make it through a long sightseeing bus tour with babies? What about hyper toddlers or restless teenagers? We have some tips and tricks that will make your London sightseeing bus tour more successful whether it’s short rides on a hop-on, hop-off bus or an eight-hour guided bus tour that stops at multiple attractions.

Head to the Back

Your position on the bus could determine how many eyes are on you if your child gets overly excited or frustrated. Many parents find the back seats comforting because fewer people are disturbed by outbursts.

If your bus has restrooms, the back seats will allow you to get there quickly if your child needs to go. You can also take your time packing up and getting off the bus when the tour is over.

Snacks are Essential

Some longer bus tours will provide snacks or give you opportunities to purchase snacks and drinks along the way. If the tour you select doesn’t include snacks, you should bring your own. Make sure to select options that are easy to enjoy on a bus without messy sauces or juices.

Sugary snacks aren’t the best options because they can hype children up just when you’re hoping they can sit calmly and focus. Also stay away from anything that may present a choking hazard when consumed in a moving vehicle.

Don’t Skimp on Seating

Have you thought about holding a baby or toddler on your lap so that you don’t have to pay for a child’s seat? It’s not a good idea because comfort is everything on a bus tour. In fact, you may find that purchasing an extra seat so that your little one has a bit more room to stretch out is the best idea. At the very least, every member of the family should have a full seat and room to stretch their legs out and truly relax.

Prepare for the Air

Dressing for the weather in London is a given, and layers are often your best friend. What you may not think about is the temperature onboard a bus. If the bus has air conditioning, young children may end up cold even if it’s warm outside. Packing a soft throw blanket or sweatshirt could make the difference between a happy child and a whiny child for your around London sightseeing adventure.

Don’t Expect Silence During Your Around London Sightseeing Tour

The best way to keep a young child interested in a bus tour is to include them in the action. Let them get up close to the window and ask them what they see. They may not know the historical significance of every building you pass, but they can point out small details that many adults skim over. Hearing a child’s perspective of a new environment is often enlightening, and it will get your children interested in learning more about London.

Timing is Critical for Around London Sightseeing 

Think about your child’s schedule back home when determining the best time of day for a bus tour in London. You don’t want to load up on a bus just before bedtime or right when your little one will expect lunch.

Either schedule the tour during your little one’s most active time of day or right around naptime. If you choose the latter option, make sure there’s room on the bus for your child to stretch out and take that nap. Noise-cancelling headphones may help them fall asleep on the bus.

Select Your London Sightseeing Bus Tour with Care

Before we send you off to start exploring around Londing sightseeing bus tours, we’ll give you one final tip: don’t settle for the cheapest tour. Look around until you find one that fits the needs, personality, and interests of your family. The biggest bus disasters happen when the length or style of tour doesn’t fit well with the riders.

For example, you might not want to book an around London sightseeing eight-hour bus tour if you have a toddler who struggles to sit still for 30 minutes. What about a tour that focuses on the history of London with pre-recorded narration? It might work for adults but could bore a toddler into a temper tantrum. Live narration designed for families with kids might work best in that case.

The good news is you have a lot of options when selecting sightseeing tours of London. You’re likely to find yourself torn between multiple options rather than struggling to find a single option that works well for your family. 

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