Best Kid-Friendly BBQ Places in London


We found the best BBQ places in London for your family because we believe that there is never a bad time for good barbeque,

If you’re going to miss your favorite BBQ spot while in London, just explore new options while away. London is a foodie’s dream with top-notch restaurants pushing a variety of cuisines to the table day and night. That includes some great BBQ establishments, and many are surprisingly kid-friendly.

To help you cut through the mess of London’s culinary scene, we put together a list of the best kid-friendly BBQ places in London. Use this list as a guide when filling out your itinerary.

Our Favorite BBQ Places in London with Kids:

Berber & Q

The barbecue is a bit different when you experience it at this BBQ spot. This London barbecue spot cooks with influence from the Mediterranean, Middle East, Morocco, and Turkey. While the barbecue is delicious, there are many other treats to explore on the menu.

There are two Berber & Q locations in London. The Grill House is located at 338 Acton Mews in Haggerston. This is where you’ll find the smoking barbecue with wine and spirits ready to pour. It has a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere that is welcoming to families, including children.

The Shawarma Bar is located at 46 Exmouth Market in Farrington and focuses more on Middle Eastern cuisine than barbecue.

Bodean’s BBQ

If you want to stick to genuine American BBQ, Bodean’s has you covered. The sauces and rubs are all created in house, and the food is inspired by the Kansas City BBQ scene. It started with one London establishment, but there are now a handful of restaurants throughout the city. They’re scattered around central London and the West End, including one in Soho.

When stopping by Bodean’s, keep in mind that many of the locations have a deli portion in addition to the full restaurant. You may have less of a wait to get into the deli, but you won’t get to order from the full menu. It’s worth making reservations or exploring the area nearby while waiting to get into the restaurant.

There is a kid’s menu for this London BBQ restaurant. It features five main dish options, including smoke house favorites like baby back ribs, chicken wings, and sausage with mashed potatoes.


Do your kids eat better when they’re sharing your food? If so, you might want to try the sharing meals and small plates offered at this gourmet BBQ place in Shoreditch. You’ll get your fill of coal-roasted vegetables and grilled meats along with a variety of side dishes. The creative starters will grab your attention, but they’re only the beginning of a memorable BBQ meal.

You’ll find this BBQ restaurant on Sclater Street, just across the street from the Vintage Market and a large mural that may inspire a selfie or two. The building has an industrial feel inside and you can see smoke stains on the windows, but it’s welcoming and cozy for families as well as groups and couples. You’ll known you’re in the area when you smell the barbecue in the air.

The Rib Man

Are you looking for the best barbecue in London even if it doesn’t come with a comfortable indoor seat and waitress? If so, head to Brick Lane Market on Sundays to see the Rib Man. He sells giant rolls and wraps stuffed with fresh BBQ plus racks of baby-back ribs with delicious sauces. While some of the sauce names aren’t kid-friendly, families can pick up food from the market and head off to enjoy it with those sauce bottles out of sight.

Rib racks start at just £8.00, so this is one of the more affordable BBQ places in London. The downside is not having an actual restaurant booth with drinks flowing freely to your table. That doesn’t take away from the quality of these fantastic ribs and BBQ wraps.

SmoKings Barbecue

This is where you go for slow-smoked barbecue in London. They use Brazilian cooking methods to create smoked meats with fresh vegetables and salads dominating the side options. Each guest creates their own meal by selecting one meat, two sides, and the sauce of their choice. The meat options include chicken, beef, and pork shoulder.

Look for the SmoKings toward the center of Finsbury Square. There’s plenty green space in the square if you want to get your food and enjoy it outdoors in the fresh air.

The Little-Known Secret BBQ Places in London

While you’re touring the streets of London, take some chances with little restaurants and food stalls located around some of the biggest attractions, markets, and shopping districts. You may just stumble upon a great BBQ restaurant with affordable prices. London is full of those little-known gems, and many haven’t made an appearance on the internet just yet. 

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