Best Brunch Places in West London with Your Kids


Looking for the best brunch places in West London?  These are sure to be the new favorites for your whole family.

The fun of London isn’t limited to the central boroughs. When you venture out to West London, you discover a fresh collection of restaurants, cafes, markets, and parks. There are also some historical attractions in this area, so you can stop off for a delicious brunch and then head out for a day of sightseeing.

Best Brunch Places in West London That You and Your Kids Will Love:


The question is where you should go for that brunch. There are a lot of restaurants that offer brunch, and we rounded up some of the best brunch places in West London to make your decision easier.

Farm Girl Notting Hill

If you can find St. Peter’s Church on Portobello Road, you can find this health-conscious London brunch spot. The menu focuses on organic foods from local sources whenever possible. The goal is to provide nutritious foods that taste just as scrumptious as the unhealthy foods often served at other restaurants.

Farm Girl serves brunch all day and boasts its accessibility for kids as well as pets. You can dine out on the terrace even on chilly days because they have outdoor heaters. This is the perfect brunch option in West London if you’re a health-conscious foodie or just want a relaxed environment with friendly wait staff.

Granger & Co

If you have time for a short wait, Granger & Co is one of the best brunch places in West London. It’s located in Notting Hill on Westbourne Grove, which is about a 15-minute walk from the Diana Memorial Playground or a 5-minute walk from the Tabernacle.

The food is great at this Austrian restaurant, and the vibe is relaxed and cozy. The line can stretch out the door at times, but that’s natural for a popular restaurant in Notting Hill that serves three meals a day plus brunch. The menu items are fresh and creative. For instance, you may have ricotta hotcakes or toasted coconut bread for breakfast.

Granger offers upscale dining with a more casual environment. It’s not a budget-friendly restaurant but is worth the splurge if you value really good food.


This is another Notting Hill restaurant that serves noteworthy brunch. The cuisine is Mediterranean with some Israeli influences, so you’ll see dishes like baba-ganoush on the recipe alongside octopus and other exciting options. Fresh ingredients are used, so you get the farm-to-table experience with Middle Eastern dishes and spices.

Haya is one of the more cost-effective restaurants in Notting Hill. Don’t assume that the reasonable prices mean the food is of lower quality. You still get creative dishes made from fresh ingredients with incredible flavor.

Lowry & Baker

You’ll find this often-missed London brunch spot at 339 Portobello Road. It’s a small café serving British food that is of incredible quality and flavor. It may not look like one of the best restaurants in West London, but the food could convince you otherwise.

This café has a casual atmosphere that is soothing and welcoming. Children of all ages are welcome, making this a great spot for family brunches. The prices are also reasonable, so you don’t need to stretch your food budget to enjoy a good meal in London.

Parlour Kensal

Head to Regent Street Kensal Garden to find one of the best brunch places in West London.  This elegant brunch spot serves British food all day, six days a week. Pass it by on Monday because it’s closed, but stop in any other day for upscale food suitable for every member of the family.

The menu at Parlour includes some staple dishes along with seasonal offerings that change by the month. The chefs use a variety of in-season fresh produce to create knockout meals that will leave your mouth watering. While this restaurant is not the cheapest around, it receives rave reviews for the delicious food made with fresh ingredients.

Brunching in West London with the Family

Bottomless brunch is a popular concept in London, but you don’t have to imbibe if you prefer not to mix booze with the babies. Even if others in the restaurant are enjoying the free flow of drinks, most restaurants keep it peaceful and family-friendly at all times.

Brunch menus may not include kid’s menus, but it’s not difficult to find something for the little ones on most menus. You can also ask most restaurants or cafes to prepare simple eggs and bacon or sausage for your children.

Brunch is your chance to sleep in a bit without sacrificing a good meal at the start of your day. The good news is that London is all about brunch, so you won’t struggle to find a restaurant willing to serve this meal in West London.

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