Child-Friendly Indian Restaurants in London


Some of our favorite child-friendly Indian restaurants in London can be found close to some of London’s best attractions.  Don’t miss them while you are there.

Indian foods are heavy on spice and rich in flavour. It rests heavily on in-season vegetables, tender meats, and fresh baked breads, all enhanced by creative spice blends and other natural flavorings. Restaurants serving authentic Indian dishes often serve family meals that contain a variety of foods, including dishes often enjoyed by children of all ages.

To help you find the best child-friendly Indian restaurants in London, we prepared a list of our favorites. Use this to find family-friendly Indian restaurants serving up authentic food backed by excellent customer service and comfortable dining areas.

Best Child-Friendly Indian Restaurants in London to Visit With Your Family:


Bonoo Indian Tapas Restaurant

All chicken, lamb, fish, and vegetables are locally sourced to ensure freshness at Bonoo. The restaurant was created to bring a healthy interpretation of classic Indian foods to residents and visitors in London. It’s located on Finchley Road in the Hampstead region and combines a cozy restaurant with a cocktail bar.

The Menu at Bonoo is focused on tapas. These small plates are easily combined to create a shared dinner for your whole family, or everyone can order their own selections. The restaurant recommends ordering two main dishes and one side dish for each person.  The options include curry, rice, tikka, paneer, biryani, and many other authentic Indian dishes.

This is a great restaurant for vegetarians, but the menu also includes some seafood options and a variety of chicken and lamb dishes.

Dishoom Carnaby

Make your way to Kingly Street in Soho to find this Indian-Asian restaurant that was started by an Irani with a passion for good food. While the food isn’t as authentically or traditionally Indian as others on our list, it’s consistently delicious with an atmosphere that suits many families touring London with kids.

What makes Dishoom so child-friendly is the separation of family room and “permit room.” The permit room is where the adult beverages flow freely, and the family room is a more wholesome environment where parents can dine with their children comfortably.

Masala Zone

Masala Zone serves authentic Indian food that is accessible to the whole family. Every item on the menu is prepared using the same steps as a home chef or street stall cook in India. That includes mixing specialty spices purchased directly from farmers in India. Securing only the best spices from genuine Indian sellers preserves the authenticity of all dishes served in this child-friendly Indian restaurant in London.

While this restaurant doesn’t publish menus, they do make traditional thalis a mainstay in the restaurant. These large dishes represent the meals Indians prepare at home for their loved ones in India. A larger dish of curry is presented along with small bowls containing side dishes. You can also enjoy a variety of creative curries plus some grilled foods that are a bit lighter on spice.

There are seven Masala Zone restaurants in London. Find them in Covent Garden, Soho, Islington, and other prominent areas of the city.

Memories of India

This is a smaller Indian restaurant just south of Kensington Gardens that offers more personalized service than the chain restaurants. The knowledgeable wait staff will help you make menu selections if you aren’t familiar with Indian cuisine, and the food is consistently fresh and authentically prepared. The child-friendly environment starts with a comfortable dining room and ends with ice cream served in novelty bird pots.

The menu includes a variety of dishes containing chicken, lamb, and fish. There are also some great vegetarian options like seasonal stir fry and chilli paneer. There are a couple creative dishes plus delicious sides to complete your main entrée.

Tower Tandoori Restaurant

If you’re in the Southwark area, don’t resist a visit to London’s oldest Tandoori restaurant. Established in 1978, this family-friendly restaurant is located less than a mile south of Tower Bridge on Tower Bridge Road. This is a convenient area that allows you to stop off for a hot meal while touring Southwark’s many attractions.

From Bengali and Nepalese to Parsi and Goan, there are many influences on today’s Indian cuisine. The menu at Tower Tandoori is designed to represent all of these interpretations, including dishes like Chicken Tikka Masala, Paneer Dupiaza, and Vegetable Bhuna. From curries and lamb shanks to a variety of grills, the menu offers a little something for everyone. That includes vegetarians.

Are you adding one or more of these authentic Indian restaurants to your London itinerary? Check online for guidelines because some of the most popular London restaurants are more accessible if you make reservations in advance. Others are perfect for impromptu visits.

There are many other Indian restaurants offering delicious menus and family-friendly dining rooms throughout London. Look for them as you tour the city because some of the best culinary finds are unexpected hidden treasures tucked into the streets surrounding the biggest attractions, especially the markets. 

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