How a Child-Friendly Map of London Can Bring the City to Life for Kids


Downloading a child-friendly map of London to your phone can open up a whole new level of fun for the whole family.

We’ve talked about maps of London that serve as self-guided tours elsewhere on this site, but there’s more map fun where that came from.  These maps can add to the fun.  Keep reading to explore ideas for putting your map to good use and information about finding the right map for your little ones.

Benefits of Bringing a Child-Friendly Map of London Along

Kid-friendly maps make London more accessible and understandable to young children who may get overwhelmed by an adult map of the city. They eliminate a lot of the clutter that comes from restaurants, pubs, hotels, and shops that are generally of little to no interest for kids. The maps focus in on attractions most likely to grab the attention of little visitors.

One of the simplest ways to get a kid interested in travel is to show them a map that they can understand. They will pick out the attractions they’re headed to throughout their journey, taking an active part in the experience. They may even look at the map before your trip and suggest some points of interest that they would like to see.

When children feel like they’re a part of the planning and have a say in how a vacation goes, they take a different level of interest. This is a great way to get your children into the planning process with you using their child-friendly map of London so that it doesn’t feel so overwhelming.

The Top Child-Friendly Maps of London


Kid-friendly maps of London aren’t always as easy to find a you might imagine, so we did the legwork to find some great options for your family. Our top recommendations include the following:

  • Guy Fox London Children’s Map – Pick this one up on Amazon if you’re interested in a detailed child-friendly map of London that features most of the big London attractions. It’s presented in a foldout format and features bold lettering and easy-to-explore points of interest, so the detail doesn’t become overwhelming to kids. It also comes with stickers, which makes it more interactive. You could use this one to keep your child happy at a museum or other attractions that they don’t find interesting.
  • London Landmarks Map – If you have a Twinkl account or are willing to create this child-friendly map of London for free, you could download this simple London map instantly. It narrows the city down to just a handful of landmarks and was intended as a teaching aide for the classroom. You can easily use it for younger children prior to or during your London vacation.
  • A4 London Map Print – This colorful child-friendly map of London bursts from the paper and includes some of the best London attractions, but it’s a bit more expensive than some parents may want to spend. Think of it as a beautiful print that can help get your kids excited about your upcoming trip. It may also serve as an ongoing memory of the trip after you return home.

Creative Play with Child-Friendly London Maps

Now that you know where to get a kid-friendly map of London, what do you do with it other than show it to your little ones? We have some ideas that may help you out.

  • Turn it into a self-guided tour by drawing a line around the map, creating a walking route. There are many self-guided walking tours of London already created for you, but there’s a new level of excitement when you create your own.
  • Allow each of your children to point out the top three attractions on the map that they would like to visit. Try to work those attractions into your itinerary as the child’s pick.
  • Find online resources or books to introduce all points of interest to your children prior to your vacation. There’s so much to learn about London, and a child-friendly map is the perfect way to get started.
  • Allow your kids to use a foldout London map as a coloring page during the trip. It’s a great way to distract young children when they grow restless during a more adult-oriented attraction like those fascinating yet oh-so-massive museums. Encourage them to write about their experiences next to some of the attractions or doodle something they saw at each attraction on the map.

When to Download Your Map of London

The best time to download your child-friendly London map is right now. Give yourself time to look over the map, noting points of interest and attractions that you believe will capture the interest of your children. You can then talk about some of those points of interest with your kids and get them excited for their vacation.

If you plan on using any of our creative ideas for bringing London to life with a child-friendly map, you may also want to decide where that fits into your itinerary. Alternatively, this can remain a backup activity that you keep in your pocket for just the right moment. You’ll know when that moment has arrived once you’re on the trip. 

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