Best Eating Places Near the London Eye with Kids


There are some great eating places near the London Eye that your kids will love without traveling too far from all the excitement to get there.

You’ll find the London Eye, otherwise known as the Millennium Wheel, on the southern banks of the River Thames. It’s close to some other popular attractions like the Royal Festival Hall, Sea Life Aquarium, London Dungeons, and the Imperial War Museum.

The London Eye is also convenient to a number of eating places, including some of our favorites. Keep reading to learn about some of your options while in London’s South Bank region.

Eating Places Near the London Eye Your Kids Will Love:


Bao Fa Garden Chinese Restaurant

This is the closest restaurant to London Eye and happens to serve up some great tasting Chinese food. It’s about a one-minute walk to the London Eye as well as a short walk from London Dungeons, Shrek’s Adventure, and the Sea Life Aquarium. Slipping it into your itinerary is easy if you’re spending the day on the South Bank.

Now known as Bao Fa Garden Restaurant & Bar, this is the London extension of a popular chain of restaurants in China. They serve authentic Chinese dishes along with more creative and adventurous options, and you can ask for a seat with great views of the river and London Eye.

Note that this isn’t one of the cheapest food places near the London Eye, and the fusion cuisine is focused on Chinese dishes. While it offers slightly upscale ambiance and views across the river to the Houses of Parliament, it isn’t a good pick for every family.

The Garden Shack

You can walk from the London Eye to this South Bank, London, restaurant in less than five minutes. You’ll find it on York Road close to the Red Bus Shop and the Marks and Spencer supermarket. It’s also a short walk from Big Ben and other nearby attractions, so you can easily work it into your itinerary when exploring the area.

Also referred to the Garden Shack Hideaway, this little café is often discovered by accident. It’s a pleasurable surprise for many visitors, but you can make an intentional visit. They offer a variety of hot and cold sandwiches plus salads and sides. It’s also a great place to stop off for morning coffee or afternoon tea with a light breakfast or snack.

Locale Southbank

This Italian eatery is one of the best eating places near the London Eye and is less than a half mile from the London Eye, so you can walk between locations in under five minutes if you don’t stop to sightsee along the way. Conveniently located near County Hall, the restaurant offers outdoor seating and caters to visitors of all ages.

The menu at Locale is authentic Italian, including pizzas and pasta. There are kid-friendly dishes plus a bar with cocktails for the adults who need some help relaxing on a hot day. High chairs are available upon request, and most areas outside of the bar offer a welcoming environment for kids of all ages.

Locale is a mid-priced restaurant that can get expensive if you add appetizers and adult beverages. There are Mediterranean and vegetarian options on the menu.

Truffle Burgers

You’ll find this London burger joint to be one of your kids’ favorite eating places near the London Eye.  It is located under Hungerford Bridge at 30 The Queen’s Walk. It takes just a few minutes to walk between the London Eye and the restaurant if you take the Queen’s Walk along the river. The restaurant started as a street food vendor selling elevated burgers that incorporated truffles in some manner.

They now have multiple restaurants offering a line of gourmet burgers that feature that star ingredient in creative ways. You can see open hours and book reservations online.

OKAN South Bank

You’ll find this authentic Japanese restaurant on Belvedere Road next to the County Hall theatre. It’s less than five-minute walk from the London Eye as well as other area attractions. You can book reservations online for up to five people. Larger groups should call the restaurant for reservations.

This is a unique restaurant setup to look and feel like a backstreet canteen in Osaka. The food is authentic Japanese with dishes like spicy miso, so it won’t appeal to every family. The prices are a bit higher than some families may want to pay as well, but the environment is perfect for a parent’s night out or a quick lunch that transports you to Japan for an hour or so.

Slipping the Best London Dining Experiences into Your Schedule

There are so many eating places near the London Eye that you may get overwhelmed trying to choose between them. For instance, if you’re only in the London Eye area one afternoon, how do you pick just one restaurant from the list above?

Start by narrowing down your options to two or three restaurants that you know your family will enjoy. From there, select the one that best fits your budget and is easiest to access. If one of your favorites books up quickly for dinner while another allows you to walk in on demand, you may go with the easy walk-in option.

Dining out in London is a vital part of the vacation experience. Pick restaurants that feel like rewarding attractions rather than simple stopping points for nourishment. You’ll get more out of each meal if it fulfills more than the growl in your stomach.

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