Top Family Hostels in London England for Families with Kids


Did you know that there are some family hostels in London England that are great alternatives to tradtional accomodations when traveling with family?

There are two big problems that many families encounter when booking accommodations in London, and both are easily solved by staying at a family hostels in London England instead of a hotel:

  1. London hotels can be expensive. If your family won’t use amenities like swimming pools, spas, business centers, and concierge, it doesn’t make sense to pay for a hotel room that comes with those perks. Hostels allow you to rent beds without the unneeded amenities for a much lower cost.
  2. Many London hotels cap rooms at four or five guests. In many cases, you can only have two or three adults and up to two children in one room. Some hotels will provide cots when requested, but the rooms are often so small it makes for tight quarters. Family hostels in London England are designed to provide bedding for larger groups of people, and many now offer private rooms.

If your image of a hostel is a large room lined with cots and a dirty bathroom shared by all, it’s time to update that image. There are family hostels in London England that will give your family the privacy you need at a price you can’t pass up. If you don’t need the frills of a hotel, you may prefer hostels over hotels at least for part of your family vacation.

Our Favorite Family Hostels in London England:


To help you find the best family hostels in London, consider this list of our top recommendations.

The Generator

This hostel allows you to book private rooms with in-suite bathrooms that accommodate up to eight people. The rooms are outfitted with bunk beds, and the largest rooms have four bunk beds. Each bed is equipped with the following:

  • Light
  • Shelf
  • Charging station
  • Underbed locker
  • Bedding

You can save the most money by booking a room without the private bathroom, but that isn’t reasonable for all families. Think about the age of your children and how comfortable you are with them sharing bathrooms with other hostel guests.

The Generator is conveniently located in central London close to Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, Covent Garden, and the British Museum.

Park Villa Boutique Hostel

You’ll find this family-friendly London hostel in London’s old East End, resting on the outskirts of Mile End Park. That area places guests close to Tredegar Square, Mile End Climbing Wall, Grand Regent Tower, and Meath Gardens. Tube stations are within a two-minute walk of the hostel, ensuring guests can reach all attractions in central London.

Park Villa is one of the best London hostels for families because it includes rooms designed with families in mind. Bathrooms are offered in each room, ensuring privacy and security. Guests also have access to a shared kitchen, so you can save money on food as well as accommodations.

The Walrus Hostel

The Walrus is a hostel, bar, and one-bedroom standalone rental all located on London’s South Bank. The hostel and bar are located in the same building, and the one-bedroom rental is less than a 10-minute walk away. The independent rental offers the most privacy, but larger families can find more spacious options in the hostel.

The smallest rooms in the hostel offer bedding for four guests. The largest dorms can accommodate more than 20 guests. All guests are provided bed linen and Wi-Fi access for free. A small fee is charged for towels, so make sure to bring your own to save a bit of money.

Astor Hyde Park Hostel

Astor Hyde Park focuses on shared living spaces. They allow locals or visitors to pay less for longer stays and offer dormitories as well as private rooms. Families can choose from twin or double private rooms that come with safes and door locks. Large dormitories housing up to 12 guests are also available but will offer less privacy and security.

You will need to share bathrooms as well as other living areas with other hostel guests. That makes Astor more suitable for families with older children.

This family-friendly London hostel is located near Hyde Park in central London. That location places your family within walking distance of many top attractions and points of interest.

Family Hostels in London England vs. Hotels for Families with Kids


There are several reasons you may choose a hostel over a hotel when visiting London:

  • You’re visiting London on a budget and want to minimize the cost of accommodation.
  • Your family won’t use most of the amenities that are included in the cost of most hotels.
  • You have a large family and struggle to find affordable hotel rooms that offer adequate space.
  • Large private hostel space is more affordable than multiple hotel rooms.

When traveling with a family, it’s important to find a hostel that offers private rooms with en-suite bathrooms. You want your belongings safely locked while you’re out touring the many must-see London attractions. 

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