Quaint Places in London to Stay with Kids


Don’t want to stay in a boring hotel?  There are some quaint places in London that are great options for families with kids.

Large, luxurious hotels aren’t your only option when traveling London with kids. Even small hotels and hostels aren’t your only options. There are some quaint and eccentric places in London that are suitable for families traveling with children of all ages. Stepping away from the ordinary accommodations could make your next family vacation one to remember.

How do you find these quaint places in London? Read on for an overview of our favorites.

Unusual and Quaint Places in London You Might Love to Try:


Georgian House Hotel

Step into a Victorian building that is full of mystique, charm, and wizardry. The rooms are tucked behind a marvelous bookcase and feature magical artefacts, cauldrons, potions, and other things that all little wizards love. Every room is uniquely designed, and there’s something to fit the imagination of every family.

As one of the unique and quaint places in London, you will love that this hotel features a restaurant and other amenities that fit the magic theme, and your little ones can take lessons on creating potions and other wizard crafts. You’ll find this hotel in the Abbotts Manor neighborhood between Warwick Square and Ecclestone Square Park.

Good Hotel London

If you’re teaching your children to give back to the community and always do the right thing, they have a thing or two to learn at the Good Hotel of London. It’s a massive boat hotel located in the Royal Docks that employs locals in need and trains them for a career in transportation. Each night that your family stays, you will help a child in need attend school.

Rooms on the ship are small, but they’re also designed for efficiency and convenience. The ship features a large living room for guests to relax and socialize, and the bar is always open for adults in need of even more relaxation. The boat is large enough to offer event and meeting space plus a spectacular roof terrace with views all guests will appreciate.

Shangri-La Hotel at the Shard

What’s it like at the top of the tallest building in Western Europe? You’ll know if you book a room at the Shangri-La hotel in London. The hotel occupies 18 floors at the top of the Shard (an iconic London building) and features rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the River Thames and city. You can sit for hours and pick out the biggest attractions from your perch up in the sky.

There are more than 200 rooms in the hotel, each featuring an amazing view. You may also enjoy the infinity pool that leads right up to a tall window with even more views. There are multiple restaurant options in the hotel as well.

ZSL London Zoo Lodges

Spend the night inside the Land of the Lions exhibit at the London Zoo. The lodges are positioned inside the Asiatic lion cage near Regent’s Park and allows guests to see what happens behind the scenes when the zoo is closed. The experience includes after-hours tours, restaurant and gift shop discounts, and close encounter experiences overseen by zoo professionals.

You will receive two daily tickets to visit the zoo when you stay in the lodges. The rooms are on the smaller side and availability is limited, so this may not work out for larger families in need of multiple rooms. It’s also a luxury experience, so this isn’t the best accommodation option if you’re on a tight travel budget.

The ZSL lodges are perfect for small to medium-size families traveling London with younger kids. If your little ones are fascinated by animals, why not let them see what happens inside the zoo at night?  

The Z Hotel Soho

This unique London hotel will have curious kids intrigued for days. 12 townhouses are linked together with aerial walkways made mostly from glass. The houses are positioned around a central courtyard to create one hotel with a modern vibe.

Inside, you’ll find 85 rooms that are designed for compact luxury. The rooms are more spacious than you may expect and feature underbed storage and a lot of room to hang clothing. In-room entertainment comes from television screens loaded with channels and free Wi-Fi.

Are Unusual And Quaint Places in London the Right Accommodations for Your Family?

Determining the right place in London for your family may take some thought. Some families look forward to the luxury of an upscale hotel while others prefer a small bed and breakfast with personalized service. Still others look forward to finding the quirky and quaint places in London that most tourists overlook.

If your family enjoys fresh experiences and your attention is often caught by unusual places or things, then you may find some of the quainter accommodations in London exciting. If you prefer to stick to the usual so that you know what to expect, then we have a lot of recommendations for London hotels if you look around this site.

Good luck finding the perfect hotel for your family! There are so many options to explore.

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