The Best of Family Theatre in London – Where to Find the Best Shows


If you are looking for the best of family theatre in London, look no further than these ideas for your next family vacation

One of the most enjoyable family-friendly London attractions is the active theatre scene. There are well over 30 theatres on the West End and even more if you consider the lesser-known theatres scattered throughout the city.

The question is where you should go to find the best of family theatre London, and we have some suggestions. There are some all-ages theatres that are known for putting great plays and musicals on the stage with kid-friendly themes, and then there are theatres that cater exclusively to the younger crowd. We’ll give you a short list with the best of the best in each category.

All-Ages Family Theatre in London with Kid-Friendly Shows

Dominion Theatre

If you imagine a massive London theatre with rich décor and a sense of royal wonder, the Dominion Theatre won’t disappoint. The building was originally constructed in 1929 and has undergone extensive repairs to restore and preserve the stunning architecture of the 20s. This family theatre in London may just make you feel like royalty as you walk through the majestic theatre and find your seats in front of a notorious stage with connections to legends like Charlie Chaplin.

The Dominion is known for offering a variety of shows, many of which are suitable for families with children.

Theatre Royal Haymarket

Not only is this one of the more stunning theatres visually, but it’s also one of the more diverse when it comes to show selection. This family theatre in London has turned children’s books into family-friendly shows while still providing top quality performances better suited to more mature audiences. You never know what you may find here, but there’s usually something for all ages on the production list.

Lyric Hammersmith

Who doesn’t love a theatre that supports young performers and audiences while still offering superb productions that adults love? At this family theatre in London, you’ll find shows like Aladdin hitting the stage for all ages, but what interests families the most is the Young Lyric program that caters to the youngsters. Not only does it offer classes that encourage creativity and healthy socialization for kids up to age 11, but it creates a menu of kid-friendly productions for audiences to enjoy.

Cambridge Theatre

This is another West End London theatre that will sweep you away with magnificent architecture and design before you even find your seats. With an opening night in 2000, this is one of the newer yet more attractive theatres in London. It quickly established itself as a dynamic force of passion and creativity by putting family-friendly musicals like Matilda on stage along with more controversial productions like Jerry Springer: The Opera.

It’s worth checking what’s hitting the Cambridge stage when you visit London, but every family should read the production descriptions carefully. Some shows are more suitable for young children than others.


The Kid’s Theatres of London

Teenagers, young adults, and even some older children with a deep appreciation for theatre may prefer to stick with the big West End London theatres. Families with younger children are likely to find just what they need at one of the following London theatres for children:

  • Colour House Theatre – This is a smaller theatre known for its Weekend Children’s Theatre. The house specialty is fairytale adaptations, but they have quite a few family events as well.
  • Rose Theatre Kingston – This theatre produces some of the best family theatre in London. They then lend their stage to a variety of traveling performances that cater to children. It’s worth checking their What’s On page whenever you visit London with kids.
  • Half Moon Theatre – Ditch the West End for the East Side to find this fun theatre catering exclusively to the little ones. Alive for 49 years and counting, this theatre is dependable for family-friendly productions.
  • Artsdepot – Award-winning theatre known for offering a variety of family-friendly programming. They have activity and play areas where kids can explore everything from yoga to arts and crafts as well.
  • Chickenshed – Just the name sounds like a great place to entertain young children, but this theatre doesn’t disappoint inside either. While they do offer some productions suitable for adults, they’re also a great London children’s theatre.

Hitting the Theatre on Vacation

The theatre is a great evening activity to enjoy with your family. Go for a light snack or drink before the show and then hit a restaurant for a filling meal. You may even want to wrap the evening up with a night walking tour of London. You can simply walk around the city to create your own tour or sign up for a guided tour.

You can also use the theatre in London as a way to escape the heat during the hottest part of the day or to keep indoors on a rainy or overcast day. If your children enjoy the show, consider catching another before you head back home. Their love of theatre may continue after they return to daily life as well.  

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