Famous Attractions in London England on Rainy Days


Don’t let a little rain ruin your family fun!  There are some famous attractions in London England that are still great to visit on rainy days.

There’s no better place to find yourself on a rainy day than in London. This city is bursting with exciting things to do indoors, and so much of it is perfect for visitors of all ages. While we could go on for days about the indoor entertainment complexes and amusement centers, we want to focus on some of London’s famous attractions for the moment. There’s always time to talk about the sheer fun of London, but sometimes fame and fun go hand in hand.

Famous Attractions in London England In Rain or Shine:


Afternoon Tea

When the sky starts to get dark, head into a café, diner, or restaurant and ask about afternoon tea. Many establishments have a special menu for this UK pleasure that includes everything from sandwiches and cakes to hot chocolate and wine.

Some of the more famous attractions in London England for tea are at restaurants inside the most glamorous hotels. You may need to make reservations in advance, so always call ahead or look online first. Some may also have dress requirements.

Borough and Leadenhall Markets

You don’t want to just go to the mall while in London, but that doesn’t mean shopping or browsing isn’t on your agenda. Thankfully, London has the solution: covered outdoor markets. Leadenhall Market is a great option if you want to shop boutique retailers while staring at stunning architecture and perhaps grabbing a bite to eat at a food stall. The cobbled streets may charm you as well.

Borough Market is more like a big grocery store with lots of fresh, tasty produce. Consider picking up ingredients for a new recipe and heading back to your hotel or apartment to cook up a fresh meal in London.


Maybe you don’t consider this a “famous” attraction, but it may become famous in your family if you get trapped in London during a downpour. Slip into a cozy café. Order from a great menu of tasty snacks and drinks. Then pick from hundreds of board games. The family challenge is on, and the rain is forgotten. There are two Draught locations in London.

The Free Museums of London

The free museums are major selling point for many people vacationing in London and some of the most  famous attractions in London England. While you may want to spend the sunny hours outside, rainy days are perfect museum days. Just remember that many others will have the same idea and the most well-known museums are likely to get crowded.

Some of the famous free museums to visit include:

  • Museum of London
  • Museum of London Docklands
  • V&A Museum of Childhood
  • British Museum
  • Museum of London
  • Natural History Museum
  • Science Museum

You may also want to stop into some of the art galleries. The Tate Modern and other famous options offer free entry as well. Keep in mind that all of these free London attractions may charge fees for special exhibitions or programs.

Prince Charles Cinema

Don’t get so swept up in London’s theatre scene that you forget about the good ol’ movies. This immersive theatre combines current blockbuster hits with classic and artistic films that are more creative and unique. There’s always a variety of films on deck, so finding something suitable for every member of your family isn’t difficult on a rainy day.

The Tower of London

The Tower of London contains more than 20 towers, in which prisoners were once held captive and even tortured. This sprawling historical building has some of the most intriguing stories, and there’s nothing better than a tour with the Beefeaters to bring that history to life. Much of the attraction is inside, so this is one of the great famous attractions in London England to enjoy on a rainy day.

Keep in mind that some parents do find this an unsuitable London attraction for families with young children. If the topics of imprisonment, crime, torture, and execution make you uncomfortable, go with another option on this list.

You will need to reserve tickets online in advance if you do want to explore the tower. The history isn’t all gory. There’s a lot to learn about Medieval London here.

When Is the Rainy Season in London?

It’s great to have a list of rainy-day activities in your back pocket when visiting any city, but what if you would rather avoid the rain if at all possible? If that’s the case, try not to visit London in the autumn. From around September to the end of the year and sometimes into early January, you can expect frequent downpours. There is sometimes a lot of rain in June as well.

Keep in mind that London is known for its unpredictable weather. A sunny day can turn into a rainy day unexpectedly, so keep these famous rainy-day  famous attractions in London England close at hand. The good news is that a rainy day can also turn into a gorgeous day, so never lose hope.

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