Most Famous Tea Places in London That are Kid-Friendly and Fun


Where are these fun tea places? These famous tea places in London are both kid-friendly and fun for the whole family.

If you don’t like afternoon tea in London, blame it all on the Duchess of Bedford. Back in the 1800s, she made it a habit to enjoy an assortment of light snacks and a cup of tea in solitude every afternoon. It was what kept her energy and spirits high until dinnertime.

Once she shared her secret afternoon rendezvous with her Royal friends, it became a tradition for the upper classes. With time, tea prices became more affordable and afternoon tea caught on with Londoners of all classes. It’s still a tradition to this day, which is why many restaurants and cafes offer special tea menus in the afternoon.

When you’re traveling London with kids, it’s important to partake in this custom at establishments that welcome children. Some go out of their way to offer something special for the youngsters, and those are the best kid-friendly tea places in London.

Where are these fun tea places? We have a list of our favorites to get you started, but you may find more once you’re in London. Asking at the concierge desk in your hotel or speaking to friendly locals may give you more ideas as well.

Most Famous Tea Places in London for the Whole Family:


The Langham

Some of the best London afternoon tea places for kids are the city’s upscale hotels. Situated in the heart of the city close to a variety of attractions, these well-stocked hotel kitchens can easily invite guests in for a relaxing afternoon of tea sipping and sandwich munching.

The Langham is one of the most famous tea places in London, and they serve a special kid’s menu that includes sandwiches shaped like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Kids can spend their afternoon teatime at The Langham fitting their bread together and sipping on specialty drinks designed just for the young ones.

The Langham has been voted Best Afternoon Tea Service in London. They do an excellent job of catering to the little ones without making their teatimes completely about a childish theme. Adults and kids of all ages will feel right at home in their dining room.

Keep in mind that there is a minimum per-person spend during select hours on the weekend. See their website for the current hours or ask when you book your teatime seats.


When looking for famouse tea places in London, head into the Gallery between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Sunday to sip tea in a bright, welcoming room decked out in pink. Don’t forget to hopscotch on your way in the door and get ready for a feast of finger sandwiches and sweets fit for children of all ages. That includes the grown ones!

If you go on the weekend, a classical string trio will play in the background. The food selection includes kid-friendly options like caramel fondants finished with hot chocolate. While the Michelin-star restaurant at Sketch may not come to mind first when you think of kid-friendly tea places in London, it’s still one of the best places to go with kids in London.

There is a dress code in the Library, but it’s rather relaxed in the Gallery for teatime. You may still want to leave the sneakers and leggings at the hotel. Think casual with a little sophistication.

The Berkeley

Prêt-à-Portea is the cutesy name for the “haute couture afternoon tea” at the Berkeley London which is one of the famous tea places in London for luxury. The food changes along with each fashion season, ensuring your family gets to consume the latest trends in culinary form. You’ll enjoy tasty bites created from high-quality, fresh ingredients, but everything is designed to mimic noteworthy fashion statements hitting the runways.

Add loose-leaf tea and an assortment of sandwiches and canapes, and you see why The Berkeley is a big hit with fashionistas in search of afternoon tea in London. Book your Prêt-à-Portea reservations up to 90 days in advance. Available times are 1-5:30 p.m. daily.

Claridge’s Hotel

If you want your children to enjoy traditional teatime in London with foods appropriate for their palates, head to Claridges in Mayfair, one of the most famous tea places in London. This luxury 5-star hotel has a beautiful foyer and reading room that serves as the backdrop for a traditional English teatime that welcomes children of all ages.

The kid’s teatime menu includes fresh-baked scones with strawberry jam and Cornish clotted cream plus an assortment of sandwiches and pastries. Everything is made fresh in the Claridge’s hotel kitchen daily, and kids can wash it all down with hot chocolate.

This upscale London hotel shows that you don’t need a kid’s theme or fancy decorations to enjoy teatime with the little ones. All you need is a great kid’s menu and a comfortable dining room that welcomes children of all ages.

St. Ermin’s Hotel

Stop by this upscale London hotel in Westminster for Mini Gardener Tea between 12 and 5 p.m. daily. The cost is £20 per child, which is slightly reduced from the normal teatime price of around £30 per person. St. Ermin’s is known for offering other themed teatimes for kids, so check out their website to see what they have to offer before booking your reservations.

Your kids will experience a more traditional teatime at this hotel. While there are themes for kids that may change the foods they’re offered, the atmosphere is traditional English teatime in a comfortable, polished environment. There are no over-the-top decorations or costumed actors to bring the theme to life.

You can dine inside at the Tea Lounge or head out to the terrace during the summer. Just having the option of dining outside may make this teatime more suitable for some children. Enjoying the fresh air may make the event feel less stuffy and more enjoyable.

The Chesterfield Mayfair Hotel

There’s nowhere else in London to have tea if your little ones love Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. One of the most famous tea places in London for kids, it is a favorite for kids of all ages.  Even if they just want to see their lemonade smoke or indulge in delicious finger foods from salmon sandwiches to handmade scones and cakes galore, this hotel has it covered. Everything is Chocolate Factory themed for a fun teatime that doesn’t skimp on quality treats for the adults as well.  

The experience is designed as a sweetshop that contains fresh baked goods and a long list of tea selections. They also serve champagne if the adults are overloaded at the factory and need to relax a bit.


The Right Teatime for Your Kids

Do you go for a fun themed teatime designed for the little ones, or pick something a bit more traditional but still lighthearted and whimsical? It all depends on your child’s age, maturity level, and interest in London tea. Young kids will have the most fun when their lemonade smokes and their treats are all named after some of their favorite characters.

Older kids may get into a traditional tea experience complete with fancier dress and delicious finger sandwiches. The older they get, the better they’re able to sit still and pay attention to the menu and conversation as well. That often means less need for child themes.

Wherever you go, London teatime is sure to deliver a unique experience. If you want to stop somewhere on a whim, look for large hotels and smaller cafes. They’re equally likely to have tea on hand.

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