Good Sushi Places in London Near Top Attractions


There are some really good sushi places in London that the whole family can get excited to try.

You’re touring the top attractions in London and have an intense craving for sushi that can’t wait. Perhaps you’re planning your London vacation in advance and know that you can’t leave without tasting some of the best sushi the city has to offer. Either way, there are some great sushi places located near the top attractions, so you won’t have to travel far to satisfy the craving.

We put together a list of our favorites because we’re committed to helping you find the best London restaurants and attractions with less effort. Let’s dig in and see where you can go to get that sushi fix.

Good Sushi Places in London:


Bonbori Sushi

Catch this great sushi place near the following London attractions:

  • Union Theatre – 0.1 miles
  • Thames Beach – 0.5 miles
  • Shakespeare’s Globe – 0.7 miles
  • Sea Life Aquarium – 1 mile
  • London Eye – 1 mile
  • London Bridge – 1.3 miles
  • The Shard – 1.9 miles
  • Buckingham Palace – 2 miles

This sushi hot spot is in a great southwark location, so you can walk to and from a long list of attractions in just minutes. It’s convenient to some of the area’s best theatre venues and is perfect for a pre-show or post-show treat.

Stop next door at the Electric Gamebox for some pre-sushi fun, and they’ll give you a small discount at Bonbori. The selection of sushi rolls is impressive, so get ready to look the menu over before making your final selections.

Dozo Sushi Soho

Dozo is located in Soho and is close to the following attractions:

  • Regent Street Lights – 0.7 miles
  • Archer Street Carnaby – 0.7 miles
  • Buckingham Palace – 1.6 miles
  • Madame Tussauds – 1.7 miles
  • London Eye – 2 miles

Soho is a great place to spend some time, especially if you’re interested in the nightlife in London. It’s also a haven for many great restaurants and remains within reach of many central London attractions. Dozo gives you a great excuse to stop in to see the lights, the street performers, or the markets filled with fresh goods.

You’ll find Dozo on Old Compton Street. They serve Japanese and Asian foods with influences from around the world, so sushi isn’t your only option for a great meal.

Iro Sushi (Clapham)

Look for this London sushi spot while touring the following attractions in London:

  • Buckingham Palace – 3.3 miles
  • London Eye – 4.1 miles
  • Sea Life Aquarium – 4.2 miles
  • London Bridge – 5.2 miles

Iro Sushi is convenient to many leading attractions throughout central London and the Battersea region. It’s located on Bramland Close off Grant Road and is next door to another great sushi place, Ta-Maki Sushi. Both are a part of the Battersea community and are excellent options for fresh food.

This is your ideal sushi joint if you want fast service and delicious sushi rolls of high quality. Rather than going in for a long lunch or dinner with an extensive wait, you can often get in and out. The sushi rolls range from classic to creative, and the toppings are on the creative side as well.

Sushi Café

You’ll find this sushi destination close to the following London attractions:

  • Battersea Park and Children’s Zoo – 1.8 miles
  • Buckingham Palace – 2.8 miles
  • London Dungeons – 3.6 miles
  • Sea Life Aquarium – 3.7 miles
  • London Eye – 3.7 miles

There are many other top London attractions within five miles of the Sushi Café, so you have many options when sliding it into your itinerary. It’s located on Battersea Park Road in an area convenient to many stores and restaurants.

Serving authentic Japanese cuisine, the chefs at this café will create custom sushi with the ingredients of your choice if you ask. You can order individual dishes or combine them to create a larger meal that you can share as a family.

Wawa Restaurant

Check out this sushi place tucked in amongst the following top London attractions:

  • London Bridge – 0.3 miles
  • The Shard – 0.6 miles
  • Southwark Viewpoint – 0.7 miles
  • Thames Beach – 1.6 miles
  • Buckingham Palace – 3.5 miles

Wawa is conveniently located on Tower Bridge Road in Southwark. It’s within walking distance of many nearby attractions and features authentic Japanese and Asian food with sushi starring on the menu. It’s growing in popularity with locals as well as visitors, and the menu includes some great vegetarian options.

Picking the Best of the Good Sushi Places in London

Freshness is always at the top of the checklist when selecting a sushi restaurant. You should also consider the environment and seating options, especially if you’re dining out with a large group or have your children in tow. Some restaurants in London are more family-friendly than others, and sushi joints aren’t always conscious of the special needs of families with kids.

You can also just choose your sushi destination based on its location. The attraction you’re visiting may determine the location and experience, and you’ll have a new culinary adventure if nothing else. There are some amazing sushi destinations in London, so you’re likely to find a gem if you give a lesser-known restaurant a try.

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