Family-Friendly Hotels Close to London Dungeons


Looking for hotels close to London Dungeons for your next trip?  There are some great options nearby that the kids will love.

London Dungeons is one of the most popular attractions for families traveling London with kids at least eight or 10 years of age. Guests learn about some of the darker events in the city’s history, bringing gore and humor together for an entertaining experience that educates. Your family will enjoy lively storytellers and stunning special effects while experiencing a variety of rides and interactive activities.

You’ll find this must-see London attraction on the South Bank close to the River Thames. Staying in the area may deliver beautiful hotel views of the river or other attractions like the Westminster Bridge or Jubilee Park and Garden. This area is also home to many restaurants and shops while being only a short walk or tube ride away from London’s hotspots.

Best Family-Friendly Hotels Near the Dungeons


So, how do you find hotels close to London Dungeons? We’re going to help you out by revealing the closest hotels and their family-friendly features.

Premier Inn London County Hall

This is the closest hotel to the London Dungeons, and it happens to offer some of the area’s more affordable rates. It’s located in a historic building that many find intriguing and charming. While there is no parking available on site, you can park nearby and walk just a few minutes to reach the hotel. That may be a potential downside for families interested in direct access to a vehicle.

The largest hotel rooms have capacity for up to two adults and two children. Larger families may need to book multiple rooms, and interconnections are not always available. Family rooms are available at the Waterloo Premier Inn just a few minutes away.

Premier Inn London Waterloo

This is a second Premier Inn location on the South Bank that is a bit further inland. You can still reach London Dungeons in about five minutes walking. It offers family rooms that contain a double or king-size bed plus a sleeper sofa and pull-out bed. These more spacious rooms may accommodate larger families unable to fit comfortably into rooms at smaller hotels close to London Dungeons.

Marriott Hotel County Hall

The Queen’s Walk, a lovely promenade along the south bank of the River Thames, will take you from this hotel to the London Dungeon in a couple of minutes on foot. Westminster Bridge is just as close. It’s a luxury hotel that won’t fit into every family’s budget but is worth considering if you prefer a room with spectacular views of the river or nearby attractions like the London Eye.

You may also pick this South Bank London hotel if you want to pamper yourself or your family a little. It features a steakhouse and fitness club in the building plus spacious rooms with views of the Parliament, River Thames, and Big Ben.

Many Marriott rooms have sofa beds in addition to double or king-size beds. You can also book a suite with multiple bedrooms to create a more home-like environment. That makes this hostel suitable for some larger families, depending on the age of your children and your space requirements.

Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London

This is a Radisson Hotel that is about a three-minute drive from London Dungeons. It features rooms overlooking hot London attractions like Big Ben and the London Eye. You can also book suites with terraces that allow more guests than some of their standard rooms. Valet service is available to ensure safe parking close to the hotel.

The larger suites at this hotel will accommodate up to three adults and two children. Many of their rooms are suitable for up to two adults or two adults with two kids. Larger families may need to ask for multiple rooms that are located close together.

The hotel is equipped with a restaurant and bar. Guests also have access to an executive lounge and fitness center.

The Walrus Bar and Hostel

This is a smaller hotel and hostel that is less than half a mile from the London Dungeons. You can walk to the Dungeons in about 10 minutes or drive in a couple of minutes depending on traffic. While it doesn’t offer spacious rooms that will accommodate larger families, it does offer some of the lowest rates in the South Bank area. It’s definitely worth considering if your family is traveling on a budget.

Securing Hotels Close to London Dungeons

Browse further pages of our website for additional suggestions on family-friendly hotels in London. You’ll see that there are some great hotel options, depending on how close to the Dungeons you want to stay. The further you’re willing to venture out, the more hotels close to London Dungeons you will have.

We want to help you find the perfect space for your family because your accommodations give you the private space and security to relax between exciting days in the city.

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