Kids Attractions Near London for Adrenaline Junkies


Kids of all ages can thirst for adventure, and these kids attractions near London are a great place to let them step a little out of their comfort zones.

Whether you hope to let your toddlers enjoy rides with a bit of speed or your teenagers want to fly through the air, there are some great kid’s attractions near London for adrenaline junkies of all ages.

We picked out some of our favorites to give you some ideas for your upcoming vacation. Put some of these entertainment venues on your itinerary and buckle up for the ride.

High Adrenaline Kids Attractions Near London:


City Mountaineering

How does heading out of the city and hiking into the mountains sound? That’s not an experience that you hear many families talking about when they come home from London, but it’s a possibility when you book a City Mountaineering tour that departs from London and s one of the great kids attractions near London for something truly different.

Some of the trips available from this outdoor adventure group include:

  • Mountain Hiking
  • Wild camping
  • Rock climbing
  • Scrambling
  • Challenges

They also have winter trips that are more challenging because you may encounter ice and snow, which makes mountainous terrain more difficult to safely maneuver. Most trips take place over the weekend, but there are day trips during the week and some week-long adventures. You can also schedule private trips if you want to spend time in the mountains with just your family and a guide.

City Mountaineering doesn’t advertise age limits on their website, but many of their trips are too physically intense for young children. Consider booking a private hike that caters to your family rather than trying to join a group hike with kids.

Cost: starting around £95 per person for hikes (prices vary for each activity and specific trips)
Location: Varies by chosen adventure

Castle Climbing Centre

If you don’t think your little ones are ready for the real mountains, you can mimic the mountaineering experience indoors at the Castle Climbing Centre. There are over 400 possible routes for climbing in the center, and they change some of the routes on a regular basis. That means you can literally try a different route each time you visit.

To get that adrenaline rush, encourage every member of the family to push a little higher or try a slightly harder route. Just making it to the top is a rush for many adults, let alone young kids.

Children need to climb with parents who possess at least basic climbing skills for thess kids attractions near London.  You can take an intro to climbing course at the facility to pick up those basic skills before your first climb.

In addition to climbing opportunities, the center has a garden and café. You may also want to look in the gift shop for souvenirs to help the little ones remember their London climbing experience.

Cost: from £13 for adults or £7.50 for kids under 16 (pay-per-climb rates)
Location: Green Lanes, Stoke Newington, London

Heli Air London Helicopter Tours

Heli Air will take you into the sky to see the biggest London attractions from a new angle. You’ll cover about 77 miles in the air with a total flight time of 50 minutes. The full experience lasts for about one hour and includes flight safety instructions and photo opportunities right before you load onto the helicopter.

The age limit for this tour is 4 years old. Kids under the age of 16 must ride with a parent. Tickets are purchased per seat, and some family members may need to ride with other passengers. There is no guarantee that your family will all end up on the same helicopter ride, especially if you have a large family.

There are private tour upgrades if you want to ensure you fly together. You can also book introductory flight lessons if members of the family want to learn how to fly a helicopter in London.

These helicopter tours are exciting for many people, especially young children. The helicopters don’t do tricks or anything special for more seasoned adrenaline junkies.

Cost: £165.00 per seat
Location: Heli Air London base at Wycombe Air Park, Buckinghamshire

Up at the O2

The O2 is one of the most family-friendly entertainment complexes in London because there are so many activity options. You’re going to find something to excite every member of the family here, even if you end up doing different activities with each of your children.

For the adrenaline junkies, it’s the Up at the O2 experience. You get to climb over a special walkway that goes to the roof of the entertainment complex, topping 52 meters in the air at the highest point. Once at the top, you’ll look out to 360-degree views that sweep over Greenwich. You can choose daytime, nighttime, or sunset climbs and will go up with a small group utilizing safety harnesses.

This London attraction has some size and age restrictions to apply to adults as well as children:

  • Minimum 8 years old
  • Minimum 1.2 meters tall
  • Maximum 286 pounds
  • Maximum waist measurement 125 cm
  • Maximum upper thigh measurement 75 cm

Cost: from £32.00 per person
Location: Peninsula Square, London

Go Ape

There are three London Go Ape locations, and they each offer something different as far as adrenaline-spiking activities and views of nature. Sticking close to Central London will deliver the best views of the city, but venturing a bit further from the center will lead you to expansive views of nature that may take your breath away.

The Treetop Challenge and Treetop Adventure are the most popular activities at all locations. You’ll head up into the trees to walk on swinging platforms, soar down ziplines, and complete other challenges that will put your adventurous spirit to the test. Zip Trekking is another option for adventurous spirits who want to spend more time ziplining than treetop walking.


Both high ropes courses are suitable for teenagers over the age of 15, but the Treetop Challenge is also okay for children at least 10 years old. Up to two children are permitted per parent on the course. Parents should think about the heights and the physical demands of walking on suspended platforms up in the trees when determining the suitability of each activity for kids under 16.

Cost: around £20 and up per person, varies by activity and location
Locations: Cockfosters, Battersea Park, and Alexandria Place

Thames Rockets Speedboat Tours

The Thames Rockets offer speedboat tours that will leave you drenched and smiling ear to ear. They feature a variety of themed tours, and some are limited to kids at least 10 years of age. When alcoholic beverages are served, the minimum age limit is 18. Read the details for each tour to see which one is most appropriate for your family.

One of the best options for families is Captain Kidd’s Canary Wharf Voyage. It’s designed for younger kids, so it doesn’t have as much speed as you’ll get with the other tours. You can take kids on many other speedboat adventures if you know they can handle more speed, so look at the age limits and pick your speed.

Cost: adults from £44.95 and kids from £29.95 (varies by tour)
Location: London Bridge City Pier or London Eye Boarding Gate One

Pumping the Adrenaline in London with Kids

Some of the more adventurous kids attractions near London allow both adults and kids to enjoy a thrill. Whether you’re walking in the trees on wooden steps that sway, climbing a mountain, or racing down a zipline, there are ways to share your excitement for adventure with your children. We hope adding some of the adventures listed on this page will help you feel that adrenaline rush without leaving the little ones out of your vacation plans.

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