Best Kids Tour of the Tower of London


Which of the kids tour of the tower of London is best for your family?  These tours are one of the best ways to explore the Tower of London as a family.

The Tower of London was built in the 1070s by William the Conqueror. It was and still is the most secure tower in the city, serving as a protective force for the most valuable royal riches. The Crown Jewels are now protected within the tower, and millions of visitors flock to the tower annually. Some get tickets to the nightly Ceremony of the Keys while others enjoy tours that merely pass it by.

Kid-friendly tours are one of the best ways to explore the Tower of London as a family. A guide will communicate the history of the tower, and you’ll have the luxury of exploring other attractions at the same time. To help you find the best kid’s tour of the Tower of London, we’re ready to share a list of our favorites.

Our Favorite Options for a Kids Tour of the Tower of London:


City Wonders Private Tower of London Tour

Private tours are great for families with small children or even adults who just like to ask a lot of questions. A private tour with City Wonders will include admission tickets for each person plus a private guide with extensive knowledge about the tower’s history and current use. You’ll have the guide all to yourself plus free time to wander around the tower and explore on your own if needed.

This isn’t a kids tour of the tower of London that will push you to the front of the line, but times are chosen to avoid long lines. Private tours could easily cost more than $500, but you can choose the City Wonders group tour if you want to save money.

Royal London Walking Tour

This four-hour walking tour of London starts off with an early-access pass to the Tower of London. You’ll see the Changing of the Guards and view the Crown Jewels plus a 30-minute boat cruise of the River Thames.

This walking and boat tour of London will take you to the following attractions:

  • East Wall Walk
  • Medieval Palace
  • Traitor’s Gate
  • Tower Green
  • Horse Guard’s Parade
  • Buckingham Palace

This kids tour of the tower of London is often split between different times of the day, so young children won’t have to walk for four hours straight. The cost of the tour does include admission into the Tower of London.

Tower of London and Afternoon Tea at Westminster Abbey

You don’t want to leave London without a ride on a vintage double-decker bus. This tour is conducted on one of those buses and stops off at the Tower of London. You’ll explore the tower with a White Tower Warden with early admission tickets, so you won’t have to wait in line with the crowd that arrives later on this kids tour of the tower of London..

This tour also stops at Westminster Abbey and the Cellarium Café. You’ll enjoy tea at the café as well. Admission tickets are included for the Tower of London and other attractions.

Kid-Friendly Private Tower of London Tour

This is another private kids tour of the tower of London, but it’s designed specifically with kids in mind. It’s a great option if you don’t want your children to hear some of the darker stories that often come up in a historical account of the Tower of London. You may also choose this tour if you want to make sure younger children are entertained throughout the tour.

The cost of this tour includes admission into the Tower of London. You will have fast admission that bypasses any line at the door.

Visiting the Tower of London – What You Need to Know

While the Tower of London is best known as home to the Crown Jewels, it has a rich history that includes serving time as a prison for rivals and enemies of multiple kings and queens. Some of the tower’s darker history may make its way into a guided tour. If you’re concerned that your children will hear something that terrifies or confuses them, make sure the tour you select is designated kid-friendly. Of course, you can also check with the tour guide beforehand just to be certain.

You can make your Tower of London tour more convenient by selecting a tour that allows you to skip the admissions line. The cost of entry is included in the price of the tour, and you get to walk right past the line with your guide. That can save you a lot of time in the busy tourist season and may make the difference between happy kids and cranky kids.

If you get the London Pass for your trip, admission into the Tower of London is included. You need to book your tickets in advance, and slots can fill up fast for an upcoming tourist season. Try to get your tickets as early as possible to ensure entry on your desired visiting day. If your tickets are included in a tour, you can skip this step but may end up paying at least a little extra for the visit.

Most London tours don’t include gratuities, so be prepared to tip your guides.

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