Family-Friendly London Attractions Near Waterloo

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Looking for London attractions near Waterloo that the whole family will love. We have some favorites that you might want to visit.

Located about a mile east of Charing Cross, the district of Waterloo is conveniently located in Central London. It includes some of the biggest family-friendly attractions plus some lesser-known attractions that your family may enjoy. This brief guide will introduce you to some of the best Waterloo attractions for families with children of all ages.

London Attractions Near Waterloo for the Whole Family


The Graffiti Tunnel & Leake Street

Leake Street is a tunnel that runs underneath the Waterloo train station. Even though graffiti is illegal in London, street artists are permitted to tag the tunnel with as much of it as they want. That has turned the tunnel into an ever-changing gallery of graffiti. You may even catch some of these talented artists at work as you walk through the tunnel on your visit to London.

Leake Street is close to the Graffiti tunnel, where you will find even more street art. You can visit these attractions each time you return to London to see something different. The artists continue to create on top of whatever is already there.

This is a great place for teenagers to visit, but kids of all ages can explore with the family.

Jubilee Park & Garden

This park is a great place to stop off for a picnic or just to stretch your legs with a quick walk. It features an adventure playground for kids under 12 years old.

London Eye

This is one of the most popular London attractions near Waterloo.  Load the family into an enclosed pod and ride this 445-foot Ferris wheel for sweeping views of the city and river. You have the option of riding with other passengers or booking private tickets to have a pod to yourself. Adults can also order tickets that include champagne for a little extra relaxation in the sky.

Old Vic & Young Vic Theatres

Old Vic and Young Vic are two of the best loved theatres in London. They’re both known for lively shows that are engaging and thought-provoking, but not all shows are suitable for younger children. It’s worth seeing what they have on the stage if you want to spend an afternoon or evening at the theatre in Waterloo.

Seal Life Centre Aquarium

The Sea Life Aquarium is a magical place for kids in love with the ocean or animals in general and one of the most loved London attractions near waterloo for kids of all ages . Walk through an aquarium tunnel bursting with deep sea life and encounter sharks, octopus, penguin, stingrays, and a variety of rainforest animals.

The aquarium is divided into three sections:

  • Ocean Invaders
  • Coral Kingdom
  • Rainforest Adventure

You can buy bundled attraction tickets when you buy Sea Life tickets online. That’s a great way to save money on Madame Tussauds and other family-friendly London attractions.

The Southbank Centre

The Southbank Centre is an artistic entertainment complex that includes the Royal Festival Hall and Hayward Gallery. On weekends, the centre operates a food market with an assortment of street food vendors, and they have a winter market each year. There are also opportunities to catch a live show or shop, with each dollar you spend supporting the arts in London.

There’s also a water fountain at the Royal Festival Hall. Kids of all ages love running through the water on hot summer days. `

The Vaults Theatre

The Vaults isn’t your typical theatre. It’s located underneath Waterloo station inside a series of railway arches that are no longer in use. It’s part of the Leake Street graffiti tunnel network, so you can explore those attractions when you catch a show at this theatre. The arches create an interesting maze that matches the creative and sometimes bizarre shows hitting the underground stage.

Not all shows at The Vaults are suitable for young children, but there are many shows that will fascinate teenagers and young adults. The underground world is easy to get lost in if you enjoy artistic expression at any age.


London Wonderground is a small amusement park with rides for kids, food, and sometimes live street performers. There’s a carousel that is popular with young kids, but the lines can get quite long during the busy tourist season. You don’t need advance tickets or reservations for these London attractions near Waterloo so just drop by and check it out if you see it in the Waterloo area. There’s something for kids of all ages, and it may give parents a chance to relax with a cold drink and snack in the middle of a long day of London sightseeing.

Exploring London Attractions Near Waterloo with Kids

Waterloo is a great place for families because there are a variety of attractions suitable for most ages and the streets are easy to walk, even if you have a stroller to push. Many of the best attractions are close together, so you can explore this area in a day or less if you don’t want to visit too many of the most crowded attractions.

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