Why Teens Love the London Bridge Catacombs Tour


One of  top teen favorite attractions in the city is the London Bridge Catacombs Tour.  If your kids like a good scare, they will love this.

The London Bridge Experience is one of the scariest attractions in London. It starts with an interactive theatrical performance that covers more than 2,000 years of London’s history. The production covers some of the more gruesome and tragic stories that have developed over the centuries, and the audience becomes immersed in the storyline.

The London Bridge Catacombs attraction-also known as The London Tombs or just The Tombs—is a scary maze built into the lower vaults of the London Bridge. After going through the historical production in the upper vaults, the London Bridge Experience participants are moved to the lower vaults to make their way through the maze.

If you choose to take on the maze, you will have to contend with creepy clowns, deranged doctors, and other characters lurking in the darkness. Special effects are used to create a unique experience destined to bring out the screams in adults and teens alike.

London Bridge Catacombs Tour Age Restrictions

There are no age restrictions for the London Bridge Experience or the London Catacombs attraction, but there are some recommendations from the venue:

  • The London Bridge Experience – Children under 15 are required to remain with an adult chaperone. Not recommended for children under the age of 4.
  • The London Catacombs Attraction – Recommended for kids 11 and up. Children under age 11 can attend the Guardian Angel Show experience instead.

Parents maintain the responsibility of deciding whether the London Bridge Experience or the Catacombs maze are appropriate for their children. You know your kids better than anyone and can determine when they are ready for an extremely scary attraction.

Most teenagers are ready for the London Bridge Experience, but some are more easily scared than others. Allowing teens to read about the experience online may help them decide if they’re up to the scare or not.

3 Reasons Teens Love the London Bridge Catacombs Tour


Many teens can’t wait to step foot in the lower vaults of the London Bridge. Even after learning that dead bodies were found in the vaults during construction of the attraction, many consider the attraction one of the highlights of their London vacation.

Why is this scary London Bridge Catacombs Tour attraction so exciting for many teens? We have a few reasons to consider, but your teen may have his or her own insights to add.

1. They must go underground below one of the world’s most iconic bridges.

Just the experience of going below the London Bridge is exciting for many teenagers. It’s an experience that most of their friends back home will never have, and it’s something that they won’t get to experience on just any family vacation. Going underground is unique and new.

2. The stories are intriguing even if they are dark.

The London Bridge Experience is full of dark tales of seedy characters who walked the streets of London years ago. While many teenagers will yawn their way through history classes back home, the dark nature of the stories shared at this experience will keep their attention from start to finish.

The storytellers involved in this experience are also talented. They know how to bring their audience into the story and allow them to live out the history of London in an unforgettable way. The power of storytelling and acting is part of what draws in the teens.

3. Many teens simple love frightening experiences.

Maybe it’s because they think they’re invincible. Maybe it’s just the adrenaline rush or the departure from normal everyday life. There are many reasons that teenagers may seek out scary experiences at home and when traveling abroad.

They just like getting scared, which explains why haunted houses and other Halloween attractions are so popular with teens around the world. If your teen gets excited when October rolls around and has enjoyed Halloween attractions in the past, they’re an ideal participant for the Tombs at the London Bridge Experience.

Tips for Visiting the London Bridge Experience with Teens

  • Don’t keep the dark nature of this experience a secret or surprise. Even if you think your teen is ready for a scary London attraction, they may need to mentally prepare for the intense fright that comes from the Catacombs of the London Bridge Experience.
  • Give your teen the option of attending the first part of the London Bridge Catacombs Tour while sitting out The Tombs. Some teens want to hear the stories that go back in time but aren’t up for the scare maze.
  • Encourage your teen to learn about the London Bridge’s history before going on your London vacation. The more they understand about the bridge, the more they are likely to enjoy this experience.

One last tip: Reserve tickets for the London Bridge Experience online in advance.

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