Which is the Best London Bus Tour for Kids?


When does a London bus tour for kids cross your mind? London walking tours are fun, but sometimes you just want to relax and see the sites with minimal effort. With these tours, you can sit back and relax in a temperature-controlled bus while watching the city slowly pass outside your window.

The best London bus tours provide live narrators with extensive knowledge of the city. They’ll tell you historical tales while filling you in on some of the best spots to explore when you get off the bus. Some will even answer questions and tell funny stories, all in the name of bringing London to life for your family.

London Bus Tour for Kids Favorites:


Regardless of the ages of your children, there are family-friendly London bus tours to explore. Some of our favorites are below, but keep an eye out for other options that may appeal to your family. From scary to magical to sweet, there’s something for everyone in London.

Hop-On, Hop-Off Tours

You can’t discuss the best London bus tours for kids without mentioning the hop-on, hop-off tours. They give you the freedom to hop on and off the bus as you please, so your children can explore attractions that grab their interest immediately. Then you simply hop back on to continue exploring the city. You can spend a full day sightseeing with your children in charge.  This is a London bus tour for kids that gives a lot of flexiblity. 

There are three companies currently offering hop-on, hop-off tours in London:

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London: The Making of Harry Potter

If you have Potter enthusiasts in the family, you can’t miss a bus tour that explores the setting for many scenes in the movies. Along the way, you’ll pick up secrets that reveal how some of the magic was created on the big screen. For instance, your kids will see how the magical coins were pressed plus so much more.

There are different versions of this tour, allowing you to customize the options for your family. For instance, you may choose private bus transportation to and from the studios or add a hop-on, hop-off London bus tour to extend the adventure.

London’s Time-Traveling Tour

Hop on a vintage bus with Professor Quantum and explore London in a more creative manner. Your family will learn a variety of facts about the history of London while listening to an entertaining character guide them through the city. What better way is there to make history entertaining?

London at Night Sightseeing Tour

Who says you have to obey bedtime while on vacation? Keep the kids up a bit later than usual and take them to see the fantastic skyline of London. Or, you can save this bus tour as a romantic escape for you and someone special. Either way, it’s an unforgettable experience after dark in London.

Afternoon Tea Bus in London

What better way to bring out your kid’s sweet side than to board a bus in the afternoon and feed them a spread of sandwiches and treats from a leading London bakery? Your family will enjoy traditional tea time while exploring the city and resting up for the rest of an exciting day in London.

Selecting the Best London Bus Tours for Kids of All Ages

The best bus tour is the one that meets the needs of your family and the interest of your children. As you explore your options, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Space – Some tours limit the number of people allowed to attend at once. If you have a large family or are traveling with extended family, that may mean booking multiple tours and splitting into groups.
  • Availability – Some London bus tours are only available on set days of the week. They will all have set times for departure. Those days and times may not align well with your itinerary.
  • Theme – Some themes are suitable for the entire family while others are best left for older children and teenagers. Some are historic while others are focused on specific themes. The theme will dictate where the tour goes and the sites you see, so choose wisely.
  • Length – How long can each member of your family sit still on a bus? The guide will help keep their attention, but small children may still struggle to sit still and pay attention for longer than an hour.
  • Refreshments – Some bus tours will include snacks and/or drinks while others trust you to take care of those arrangements for your own family. Some may not allow drinks or food on the bus at all, so make sure to ask if your little ones need refreshed.
  • Time – The time of day can make a difference in how alert and happy young children are and how well you can see the city outside the window. Scary London tours are best after dark, so remember that London doesn’t get dark until 9 p.m. in some seasons.

Weighing all those factors, select the London bus tours that will suit your family well. If you see multiple tours that your family will enjoy, consider using them as rest periods between attractions that require more energy.

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