Is the London Catacombs Attraction of the London Bridge Experience Okay for Kids?


Are you up for a frightening experience in London? What you need to know about the London Catacombs attractions before you visit with kids.

Many families are interested in the London Bridge Experience because it’s unique and based on history, but it’s not suitable for all families traveling London with kids.  This quick guide will tell you everything you need to know before taking your kids to the London Catacombs attraction within this uniquely terrifying experience.

What Is the London Bridge Experience?

The London Bridge Experience is a theatrical production that takes place in the vaults located underneath the London Bridge. It’s considered one of the scariest London attractions because it explores some of the darker tales in London’s history. Instead of sitting down in a comfortable theatre, guests are immersed into the action of this moving experience.

Some of the characters you’ll encounter in this live experience include zombies, monsters, and demons. The story goes back more than 2,000 years and is unlike any other history lesson you will take on in London.


What is the London Catacombs Attraction?

The London Catacombs attraction is also known as the London Tombs or simply the Tombs. It’s a scare maze that takes place in the London Bridge’s lower vaults. When you complete the historical component of the London Bridge Experience, you can enter the lower vaults to make your way through what might be the most frightening maze you will ever encounter.

What Makes This Attraction So Scary?

For starters, you’ll walk in knowing that hundreds of bodies were discovered in the lower vaults when the attraction was constructed in 2007. You’ll also enter the maze only after hearing some gruesome stories straight from London’s history. Top it off with special effects and well-trained costumed performers trying to frighten you, and you see why this is considered London’s top fright attraction.

Are There Age Restrictions for the London Catacombs Attraction?

There are no age restrictions for the London Bridge Experience, including the London Catacombs attraction. However, kids under 15 are required to stay with a chaperone at all times. Families are encouraged to think about the dark nature of the experience when determining if it’s suitable for their children.

For families who want to attend the London Bridge Experience but aren’t sure about going through the Tombs maze, there is an alternative experience known as the Guardian Angel Show. It’s recommended for kids 11 and younger who aren’t quite up to the heart-pounding fright of the London Catacombs attraction.

Alternatives to the London Catacombs Attraction

Most parents report waiting until their children are at least 12 years old to take them through the full London Bridge Experience. That’s due to the dark nature of the stories told during the first part of the experience plus the extreme scare level that comes with the following Catacombs maze experience.

If you want to give the London Bridge Experience a pass for your upcoming family vacation, there are some alternative scary attractions that you may find more suitable for your little ones.

Here are some of our top recommendations:

  • Goosebumps Alive – There are two options at this attraction. One is Goosebumps Alive for adults, but kids at least 12-years-old are allowed to attend. The second is Goosebumps Kids, which is recommended for kids 11 and younger. It’s a live theatrical experience that takes inspiration from the Goosebumps books. It takes place in the vaults close to the Waterloo train station.
  • The London Dungeons – Hear scary tales from London’s history while watching theatrical performers bring it all to life before your eyes. This immersive attraction includes storytelling, rides, exhibits, and even an escape room. The recommended minimum age limit is 12, but younger children are allowed at the discretion of parents.
  • Greenwich Foot Tunnel – This tunnel goes beneath the River Thames and was originally created to offer fast passage between the north and south banks of the river. You can either walk down 100 steps to get to the tunnel or take an elevator. This is a free attraction that doesn’t come with theatrical performances or historical tales, but it is still considered creepy by many children. Look for entrances near Cutty Sark and Island Gardens.

There are also some ghost tours and Jack the Ripper tours that are extremely popular with London tourists. The tours can have some creepy content, including discussions of crimes committed by Jack the Ripper and gory historical tales of people believed to still haunt the city as ghosts. Just like all of the scary attractions listed here, parents are allowed to determine the appropriateness of each tour for their children.

While the London Catacombs attraction doesn’t have strict age restrictions, it is one of the most terrifying experiences in London. Parents are encouraged to think twice before bringing young children to the experience.

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