London Day Pass Attractions – Best for Small Kids


Looking for the best London day pass attractions that the smallest members of your family will enjoy?

The London Day Pass offers free admission for more than 35 tour attractions plus additional discounts and admission to a hop-on, hop-off river tour. It even delivers discounted theatre tickets with a value up to £55, but keep in mind that only select theatres are currently included.

Don’t confuse this pass with the similarly named London Pass, which offers free admission or discounted tickets to more than 80 attractions. While the London Sightseeing Day Pass focuses more on tours than big attractions and is a bit more affordable. A one-day adult London Pass costs over £70, and you can get a two-day adult London Day Pass for about the same price.

If you decide to go with the London Day Pass, what are the best attractions included for small kids? You can look at the complete list of included attractions online, but we have some highlights that you might not want to miss.

Best London Day Pass Attractions

Hop-On, Hop-Off River Tour

Have you heard about hop-on, hop-off bus tours in London? The London Day Pass gives you free access to a similar tour conducted on the Thames River. You’ll jump on and off the tour at four piers, all conveniently located in the heart of London. Just look for the tour boats for Thames River Services and show them your London Day Pass.

Hop-on, Hop-off tours provide free transportation around the city and allow you to decide who much of the tour you want to enjoy and when. Many small children are also excited to ride a boat on the river, and you can give them that joy multiple times a day.

You may also use your pass to take the boat from Westminster to Greenwich round trip. It’s a bit more fun for the kids and may save you a bit on transportation expenses.

The London Day Pass will save you about £15 per adult and £10 per child.

Rainforest Café

This themed restaurant on London’s West End will transport your family into the jungle with elaborate décor and special effects. It looks and sounds like a true Amazonian rainforest, but it also serves up great food with many kid-friendly menu options.

When you eat lunch here before 5 p.m., the London Day Pass will earn you a credit of £15 for each passholder.


Fun London Tours LTD Tour

Each London Day Pass attractions passholder can select one tour from a list of nine tours offered by Fun Tours LTD. Some options that may work for families with small children include:

  • London Curiosities Walking Tour – This tour points out some of London’s curious points of interest, all which are missed by most visitors. You’ll talk about everything from streets that no longer exist to the Titanic and World War II. Young children may enjoy some of the mystery and simply walking the streets of London but may need a stroller to keep up.
  • Changing of the Guard Walking Tour – You don’t want to miss the Changing of the Guard, but it’s difficult to fight the crowds and find the right location to watch with young children. That’s why taking a tour is a great idea. You cut to the best positions and will even march alongside the guards during the event. This is a fast-paced experience, so little kids may need a stroller for safety and comfort.

Many of the experiences included in the London Day Pass do include a significant amount of walking. Parents should go prepared to keep their children safe and comfortable throughout those experiences.

Do You Really Need an Attraction Discount Card?

It’s easy to question the value of the discount cards and London Day Pass attractions passes when you consider the number of museums and art galleries that offer free admission for all guests without an additional pass. You could easily enjoy a short visit to London and only visit attractions that are already free, but you would miss out on some of the best family-friendly London attractions.

London Day Pass attractions passes are valuable if you will use them enough. Read through the complete list of included attractions for the pass you want to buy and determine how much money it will save you over the course of your trip. Also look at the discounts for select restaurants and shops to see if you could save a bit more. That will tell you if it’s a wise investment for your family trip to London.

Many of the tours included in the London Day Pass are more suitable for families with older children or teenagers. That doesn’t mean you won’t find it valuable, so check it out before you rule it out.

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