What London Pass Attractions Do Kids Enjoy Most?


London Pass attractions include many of the best things to do throughout the city for families looking to experience the best of London.

The London Pass is a wise investment for most families visiting London with kids. It will get you into some of the biggest attractions for free while offering a substantial discount on other attractions. For some attractions, the pass will allow you to cut to the front of the line. That alone could save you a lot of time in London.

You may even score discounts at some of your favorite London restaurants or entertainment venues when you flash your pass at the door. It’s clear why so many families reserve their London Passes before leaving home for their vacation. The question is what London Pass attractions are the most enjoyable for kids.

You won’t have time to see and do everything London has to offer in one trip, so it helps to know the attractions that are most likely to keep your kids entertained. We put together a list of our favorite kid-friendly London Pass attractions to help you perfect your travel plans.

Favorite London Pass Attractions


ArcelorMittal Orbit

ArcelorMittal Orbit is the UK’s tallest sculptor that doubles as a viewing deck and a fun slide. It stands in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and normally costs £12.50 per person. It’s completely free when you flash your London Pass upon arrival.

Hop-On, Hop-Off Bus Tour

You can turn this bus tour into a full day of exploration. Buses travel in a designated loop through London, and you decide when and where you get on and off. The bus stops are in locations convenient to some of the biggest London attractions, so you can sightsee while hopping on and off as many times as you wish.

The cost of this tour is normally £34.00 per day, per rider. You get one free day of rides with each London Pass attractions purchase.

M&M’s World

Head to Leicester Square to browse four floors of M&M’s. There are more than 20 colors available, and you can create your own custom designs. The store is free to enter, and London Pass holders receive 15% off all purchases.

Namco Funscape

Adults and kids of all ages will have a blast in this colorful arcade room. There are a variety of games to choose from and delicious food ready to order. London Pass holders receive £3.00 in free games. You may also take advantage of the buy 5, get 5 deal that is only available to London Pass holders.

Queens Skate, Dine, Bowl

Think of this as an ice-skating rink in the center of an entertainment complex that also offers bowling, arcade games, and curling. Of course, you can’t leave out the delicious burgers that are served from the café. The complex includes a bar as well.

The London Pass entitles you to one free ice-skating session, which is a value of £15.00. You’re free to enjoy a burger or explore games in other parts of the entertainment complex after your skating session.

Science Museum IMAX

Show your pass as you enter the Science Museum and redeem your free ticket to the museum’s IMAX theatre. This 3D experience will pull you right into the action of a special film that highlights some of the biggest mysteries and miracles of science. Tickets are normally £11.00 per person. Kids of all ages often love how the movie leaps out of the screen for an immersive experience.


Wafflemeister makes homemade waffles with a variety of fillings and toppings. You can load them up with chocolate, fruit, whipped cream, and many other treats for a custom snack. Your London Pass will earn you 15% off your full order, so load up your waffles and enjoy a special London treat.

Quick Facts About the London Pass Attractions

  • More than 80 London attractions are included. That makes the London Pass the most comprehensive of all London attractions passes.
  • You don’t have to pick and choose which attractions you want to include on your pass. They’re all included on every pass for every buyer.
  • You get to decide when you visit each attraction included on the pass. As long as your pass is valid, you’re free to see all attractions on your own timing.
  • To use the London Pass discounts, simply download the pass and scan it when you arrive at each included attraction. It’s fast and easy.
  • As long as you don’t activate your pass, it’s good for two years from the purchase date.
  • You can return your card for a full refund within 90 days of purchase as long as it is not activated.

Now that you understand how the London Pass works and you know some of the leading attractions for kids, it’s time to start planning your London family vacation. Any of the kid-friendly London Pass attractions discussed above are prefect for touring London with kids.

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