Finding London Shows Suitable for Families with Small Kids


It can be hard to find London shows suitable for families with small kids, but there are actually a lot to choose from.

If the theatre is your happy place, you’ll feel right at home in London’s West End. That’s where most of the big theatres are located, but you’ll find some in Victoria as well. Smaller and lesser-known theatres may hide throughout the city, but the West End is typically where you go to catch a show in London.

The theatre scene in London is very active, so there’s a wide variety of shows trying to catch your attention at any given time. When you’re traveling with small kids, you need to narrow down the options to find those that are appropriate and entertaining for the full family. Luckily, there are some great theatres that cater to families with kids of all ages.

Finding appropriate London shows for small kids isn’t hard. Let’s look at some of the best strategies to find the perfect shows for your upcoming family visit to London.

London Shows Suitable for Families and Catering to Young Viewers


Many of London’s leading theatres will put on shows that are suitable for families with kids of all ages, but there’s something even better if you have small kids. We’re talking about select theatres that cater more exclusively to the younger theatre fans.

The Unicorn Theatre is one of the best. The productions are chosen with kids aged 6 months to 21 years in mind, so there is always something on stage for small children. Not only do they present shows in London, but they go on tour to bring the theatre to young children who aren’t able to make a visit to the theatre.

The Unicorn Theatre is located near Tower Bridge and City Hall. You’ll know when you’ve arrived because you’ll see the glass-front building lit up with colorful lights. The lobby is a public space where families with kids of all ages are welcomed at all times, so you can stop in even if you don’t have tickets.

Another option is Polka Theatre. Not only is it a children’s theatre dedicated to young actors and audiences, but it features a garden, playground, and café. The foyer is loaded with toys plus coloring pages and dress-up stations. You’ll find it near the New Wimbledon Theatre on The Broadway.

Ready for one more? Head to Islington and find the Little Angel Theatre. It’s a little different because it’s rooted in the love of puppetry. It’s still a great resource for families looking for London shows suitable for small children.

What’s On in London? How to Find Listings of Current London Shows Suitable for Families

Beyond those child-centered theatres, there’s a lot to see on the big stages of London. Many of the best-known theatres offer London shows suitable for families with small children. You just need to pour through the listings to see what you can find on stage at the time of your next trip.

You want to get a feel for the full theatre scene in London at the time you plan to travel. That allows you to make the best decision on booking shows. You do that by looking at one or more of the following sites to follow the productions hitting the stage throughout London.

If you have a London theatre or two that you want to visit, you can also monitor their website to see what’s on stage during your visit. Most theatres allow you to book tickets directly through their website, so you don’t have to go through a third-party ticket dealer.

Use this list for fast access to some of the leading theatres in London:

There are many other theatres in London that may offer productions suitable for families with young children. The best way to follow them all is to watch sites that offer tickets from a variety of theatres. When you find a new theatre that grabs your interest, look them up to see if you want to book tickets directly.

Get Discount Theatre Tickets in London

We can’t end this without telling you about the TKTS booth in Leicester Square. It allows you to buy discounted theatre tickets the day of the show. Some tickets are offered up to a week in advance, but most are hitting the stage that day.

While you may not catch many of the biggest hits this way, you may find something just perfect for your family and your budget. Stop by and ask what’s on sale at least once during your London visit. You may discover a lesser-known theatre or settle into a show that is unexpectedly amazing. Those little discoveries are what make a vacation memorable, right?

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