Top 10 London Tours for Kids Under 10


Why work one of these London tours for kids into your visit?  As parents, you know it can be hard to get kids under the age of 10 interested in gardens, museums, restaurants, and other popular attractions in a magnificent city like London. 

That’s why it’s important to work a tour or two into your itinerary. A kid-friendly tour will give the littlest family members a reason to get excited, and they’ll learn a thing or two along the way.

Best London Tours for Kids Under 10:


How do you pick London tours for kids under 10? We have 10 suggestions that will get you started.

1.  Black Taxi Harry Potter London Attractions Tour

Cruise through the heart of London in a black taxi while a private tour guide talks you through some of the most noteworthy Harry Potter filmsets. The route will take you through the Brockwell Bridge, Platform 9 ¾, Gringotts Bank, and other sets that your little Potter fans should recognize.

2.  National History Museum & Dinosaurs Private Guided Tour

The National History Museum comes to life when kids are guided through blue whale skeletons, dinosaur skeletons, and even an interactive investigation room. This private tour allows your children to ask questions and actively learn about millions of artifacts. Lessons touch on everything from botany and zoology to paleontology.

3.  Best of London Guided Tour for Kids and Families with London Tours

Enjoy a walking tour of the historic sections of London alongside your children and a local guide with knowledge of the city’s present and past. This tour guarantees that you never have to wait in line, which could save you a significant amount of time during the busy summer tourist season. You’ll have everything you need to enjoy the sites for a full 2.5 hours.

You can adjust the length of the London tours for kids to suit the needs of your family. That makes this one of the most flexible London tours for kids.

4.  Tower of London Tour for Kids

Your private tour guide will walk you right past the entrance line at the Tower of London and then launch your children into an interactive tour that includes activities they will really want to do. All tour guides from this company are scholars, but they also receive specialized training on working with children. It’s the perfect combination for an education children’s tour that won’t lose the attention of kids under 10.

5.  River Thames Lunch Cruise

Combine a boat cruise with the cost of lunch, and you have a win-win scenario. Your little one gets the chance to relax and fill the tummy while you get to learn a bit about London while resting your feet for more than an hour.

6.  Walk Like an Egyptian at the British Museum Children’s Tour

The British Museum isn’t exactly every kid’s favorite London adventure, but it might become your child’s most engaging experience if you sign them up for this Egyptian- themed kid’s tour.  These London tours for kids include activities and games that bring excitement to what might otherwise seem like dry information, and your kids will receive refreshments and lunch along the way. The full tour lasts approximately three hours.

7.  London Christmas Lights Bus Tour

Give your kid the ultimate adventure in London: a bus ride that includes sparkling Christmas lights throughout London. The tour lasts less than two hours and is the perfect way to get little ones to sit down and relax at the end of a long day of touring.

8.  Little Venice to Camden Town Regents Canal Waterbus Boat Trip

Take a 45-minute boat trip and give your little ones a chance to rest their feet. London is a walk-intensive city, and many young children love gliding over the water and looking out at the views while learning entertaining facts. You get all of that and more at a family-friendly price when you board this waterbus in Little Venice, London.

9.  National Gallery Tour for Children with Pinocchio Tours

Get around London in style with your private tour guide in a Mercedes van that seats up to eight people. This tour is designed to last for 2.5 hours, but it can be shortened to 2 hours at your request. It’s designed as a treasure hunt, so kids under 10 will feel engaged and entertained from start to finish. As they learn about London, they’ll search for clues and pick up bits of knowledge along the way.

10.  The Original Tour London: Kid’s Tour

Spend 45 minutes driving around central London with a knowledgeable guide, hearing kid-approved stories delivered in an entertaining, upbeat manner. This tour was designed to give the little ones an introduction to some of the most important London attractions without losing their attention. It’s also one of the most affordable tours, but keep in mind that it’s not private.

Should You Pay for Private Tours in London?

If you want to get the most out of a tour and spend quality time with your family, some private tours are worth the investment. You can move at your own pace and will have the undivided attention of the tour guide. That means complete freedom to let your kids ask questions and express their delight at the sights without worry about other people sharing the tour with you.

The downside to private tours is cost, so make sure you have it in your budget before deciding to keep the tour guide all to yourself.

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