Is London Pass London Travel Card for Family Your Best Choice?


Many visitors look for a London travel card for family in order to save some money on their trip to the city.

London isn’t the cheapest city to travel, so you may be looking for all the money-saving tips you can find. The London Pass travel card is one of the best-known ways to save a few bucks, and it gives you access to most of the city’s major points of interest.

How Does the London Pass Card Work?


The London Pass is now digital, so you have the option to purchase it online and download the app to your smartphone or a tablet that you will have on hand while exploring London. You may also give your home address and have a physical card delivered for an added shipping charge. It can take two weeks or longer to receive the card outside of the UK.

You can choose to activate your London travel card for family discounts for up to 10 days. The days run consecutively, and the card stops working when you use up all attraction discounts loaded to the account.

The pass will give you access to more than 80 London attractions, and you can select from a variety of attraction discount packages. Those packages are good for two years after purchase.

To use the London Pass discount card, you simply scan the pass when you arrive at each location. The discount or free tickets are instantly processed, giving you immediate access to each attraction.

Benefits of the London Pass London Travel Card for Families:

The biggest benefit to purchasing London Pass cards for your family is the financial savings. With this  London travel card for family, you will get at least a small discount on most of the city’s biggest attractions plus many points of interest like the zoo, which can add up quickly if you have a family with four or more members.

The pass will also give you free access to select London tours. You can also use it to score discounts at select shops throughout the city, which may pay off if you love to shop while on vacation. Rest assured, if you love to shop, then London has plenty of shopping for you to do!

Since you get to select the attraction discount package loaded to your card, you can customize your London experience when purchasing the card. Think about the attractions you know you want to see, and then select a package that covers as many of those attractions as possible. You can save a lot of money if there is a package that covers most or all of your top picks.

Just looking at the list of more than 80 included points of interest may help you plan a fun, well-organized London family vacation. The list represents some of the best things to do and see in London, and you may use it as a starting point when researching potential activities for your family.

Potential London Pass London Travel Card for Family Cons:

There are a couple potential downsides to purchasing the London Pass for your family vacation:

  1. Not all attractions are included, so you may still have to pay full-price to enter some of your favorites. The same goes for shopping discounts and points of interest, which can change at any time.
  2. It only saves you money if you intend to visit a lot of the big attractions and points of interest with high admission prices. If you’re going to mainly explore the free, government-sponsored museums and maybe one or two attractions, you could end up losing money on this London travel card for family.

Should You Get the London Pass London Travel Card for Family Discounts?

The London Pass does offer substantial savings if you want to visit a lot of the big attractions that charge a lot for admission. The more ambitious your travel plans, the more you could potentially save.

The best approach is to look up the current London Pass rates and then make a list of the full admission prices for the attractions you want to see. Determine how many of those attractions or points of interest are included in the pass, and that will show you how much money you could save by purchasing the pass.

You have the option of including an Oyster Card in your purchase, taking care of your underground travel and attraction entry fees at once. Just keep in mind that you don’t need an Oyster Card for kids under the age of five, but you may still need a London Pass for those young ones if the attractions you want to visit won’t offer them free admission.

For some families, the London Pass is a good deal. For others, the savings aren’t substantial due to the family’s choice of London activities. If you want to save money while traveling London and don’t like the cost of the pass, you can add more free museums, parks, and other low-cost points of interest to your itinerary. That may save you money without requiring a pass purchase.

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