Picnic Places Near London for a Relaxing Family Lunch


If you are looking for some picnic places near London for a great family lunch, you are in luck.  There are some great options for you and your family.

There are so many reasons to plan family picnics in London. Let’s start with the price tag. London restaurants are often expensive even if you stick with basic sandwiches and fries at small cafes and diners. You can often purchase enough food at a supermarket to feed the family at a fraction of the price, especially if you have a large family.

Picnics are also the most flexible option for lunch in London. You can order carryout or grab a pizza before heading to a nearby park or public square. There’s also the cost-effective option of buying food from a local supermarket and putting together a meal that fits your budget. If you prefer to have lunch outside of standard restaurant lunch hours, picnics can happen at any time.

You also get to spend time outdoors at these picnic places near London and enjoy some of the most beautiful London hot spots for relaxation. Young children can burn off energy at a park before going on a bus tour. Your family will also enjoy talking about your experiences in London and planning what you want to do with the rest of your day. It all happens while you lounge at a gorgeous park or while surrounded by blooming flowers in one of London’s gardens.

Top Family-Friendly Picnic Places Near London:


Holland Park

Nearby Kensington Gardens often overshadows this smaller park, but this is one of the best picnic places near London for families. The adventure playground includes a fun zipline plus a seesaw large enough to hold an entire family at once. You may even catch birds and other wildlife running around, enjoying the playtime and sunshine right alongside you in summer.

Other adventures at Holland Park include the Kyoto gardens and a variety of spaces for sports, including tennis, football, and golf. There’s also ample open space if your family prefers to find a more secluded picnic spot. The most crowded months are during the summer.

Primrose Hill

You’ll find Primrose Hill just north of Regent’s Park and London Zoo. It features a 210-foot natural hill that offers stunning views of the city’s skyline. The higher you climb, the more expansive the view becomes. Families can picnic at the bottom of the hill in the lawn or higher up, so give your family a challenge to climb up at least a bit.

If you reach the top, you’ll take in one of London’s six protected city viewpoints. You’ll also have the opportunity to look down at land that once served as host to jousting matches and other lively cultural and historical events.

There are some cafes and diners nearby if you need to grab food for your picnic before heading up the hill. While you won’t find tables, fountains, playgrounds, and other amusements here, it is a great place to run around and have fun with the kids.

St. James’s Park

Who doesn’t want to picnic in front of Buckingham Palace? That’s one unusual backdrop that you won’t get anywhere else in the world, and it’s convenient to many leading attractions in Central London. This Royal park spans 57 acres and is home to many pelicans plus a lake, fountain, café, and deck chairs. The flowerbeds near the palace are quite popular as well.

You will find multiple places in the park suitable for a picnic, but the northern end will offer the best views of Buckingham Palace. Other areas are more convenient to the lake and other surrounding attractions, so take the time to walk around and pick the right spot for your family.

Victoria Park

If you want to picnic by a lake, this park has three of them. Your family may also enjoy the pagoda, skatepark, and playground in addition the open green space suitable for walking or running around with the little ones. There are some benches and tables in select areas that allow you to eat off the ground, but tossing down a blanket is acceptable as well.

Victoria Park is less than a half mile from Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, which is another popular picnic places near London. You can easily spend an afternoon or evening wandering between these parks and enjoying the scenery plus lots of playground time.

Get Ready for Your London Family Picnic

While lunch typically falls mid-day, keep in mind that those are often some of the hottest hours of the day in the summer. Go prepared with sunblock, wide-brimmed hats, and perhaps an umbrella chair that could shelter the little ones while eating.

You may also look for picnic places near London that offer shelters, but don’t assume that they will have open tables for your family when you arrive. It’s always better to schedule an early lunch to avoid the most intense sunlight or perhaps go for a late lunch/early dinner and make it a big feast as the sun starts to fade.

While you may think of lunch reservations at a restaurant lasting an hour or two, you may want to spend more time picnicking. That’s especially true if your picnic venue has a playground or other sources of amusement for the kids. Give yourself time to relax and really enjoy time in London’s beautiful green spaces before hitting those crowded streets and tourist attractions once again. 

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