Ping Pong Places in London for Family Fun


There are some great ping pong places in London for families with kids.  

Ping pong is a great family activity because it gets everyone up for physical activity but is simple enough for many younger children to play. If they can see over the edge of the table and have the coordination to swing at the ball, they may want to give it a try during a friendly game amongst family.

When traveling in London, you can use ping pong places as a way to get out of the sunshine on a bright summer day. It may even become your escape on a windy or rainy day. What about those cold days on a winter visit? Those are perfect days to visit one of the ping pong places in London as well.

Most ping pong places cater to adults, but there are some options for families visiting London with kids. Keep reading to learn all about a couple of our favorites. Both serve alcohol, and one is recommended more for families with older children.

Favorite Ping Pong Places in London:


Bounce Ping Pong

This London ping pong place does cater to adults and serve alcohol, but kids under the age of 18 are welcome during off-peak hours. That generally means before 6 p.m., Wednesday – Saturday. You may want to call and check with the venue to verify those hours to ensure a family-friendly environment for your little ones. They recommend reserving seats in advance anyway.

The cost for basic ping pong is £6 per person. Bounce caters to groups, so you need to include 2-6 players in your booking. If you book in advance, you will have up to two hours to play. If you walk in without reservations, you may have an hour or less to play.

Bounce offers pizza and other Italian foods plus an impressive cocktail menu if the adults want to enjoy a drink. They have a DJ pouring out the music most of the time, creating a party-like environment that encourages fun and socialization.

There are two Bounce locations in London: 241 Old Street and 121 Holborn.

Bat and Ball

This is a London pub, and alcohol is served up daily. That said, they allow visitors under the age of 18 any day of the week before 7 p.m. If you’re playing ping pong when that hour strikes the clock, they will ask you to leave or at least escort the children outside. Every parent must determine whether a pub environment is suitable for their children even in the afternoon or early evening hours.

Some things to keep in mind before you book a table here:

  • Each booking includes a pitcher of beer or a bottle of prosecco. You can ask for another drink instead or simply ask for it not to be served to your table if you don’t drink at family events.
  • The establishment uses the ping pong tables for beer pong or prosecco pong, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a dry game with the family. Just ditch the solo cups.
  • They serve pizza, wings, and salads.
  • The environment is light and friendly during the day but turns into an 18+ party after 7 p.m.

This is an option for family ping pong fun, but perhaps it’s better suited to families with teenagers.

The cost is £8.00 to £15.00 for 30 minutes of ping pong or £15.00 to £25.00 for one hour, depending on the day of the week. Tables are always left open for walk-ins, so you don’t need to reserve in advance.

Playing Ping Pong with Children

Don’t limit the ping pong fun to vacation. The game helps kids improve hand-eye coordination while encouraging physical activity and providing a social outlet. It’s also a good activity for family bonding time, and ping pong tables aren’t too expensive for many families to add into their homes.

In preparation for ping pong in London, find a ping pong place in your hometown. Get your kids out for a game or two to teach them the rules and determine their level of interest in the game. You never know, you may have the next big table tennis star in your home right now.

If you find yourself at a London ping pong place due to the weather and your kids have little to no experience, turn it into a fun game rather than a competitive event. See how long you can keep the ball soaring over the net. Maybe play a “kids versus parents” game or a “boys versus girls” game to keep the fun rolling.

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