Fun Pizza Places in London for Kids


Looking for some fun pizza places in London for your family vacation?  You are in luck.  London is full of great choices for you and your kids.

Pizza is one of the easiest, fastest, and often most affordable ways to feed a family on vacation. Most destinations around the world now have at least one great pizzeria, and London has its fair share of noteworthy restaurants serving up spectacular slices in a family-friendly environment.

We’re about to share our list of fun pizza places in London for kids. The goal is to help other travelers find the best pizza spots in all areas of the city. The dining environment and customer service are just as important as the taste, so we took it all into consideration when creating our list.

Kid-Friendly Fun Pizza Places in London:


Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza

Gordon Ramsay knows how to make delicious pizza and serve it up in a unique fashion. Rather than bringing the whole pie to your table, they bring one slice to your plate at a time. You choose when you participate in each slice round, controlling the flow of pizza into your belly.

While the dining room isn’t as elevated as some Ramsay restaurants, it’s definitely a caliber above most pizzerias. If you love fine dining but want to keep it casual with some of the best pizza in London, this is the restaurant to book.

There are three Street Pizza locations in London. Look for them on Bread Street in St. Paul’s, Parkway in Camden, and Great Suffolk Street in Southwark.


There are six Homeslice locations spread throughout London, so you can easily slip it into your itinerary as needed. These fun pizza places in London provide a relaxed environment with pretty décor and a comfortable vibe for families with children of all ages. Plus, the pizza keeps the line out the door at many locations.

You can choose to split your pizza with two toppings or keep each pie cohesive. You may also choose to buy by the slice rather than the pie, making this a flexible pizza option for families with more complicated needs.

Mamma Dough

There are six Mamma Dough locations throughout London, and the name is about as family-friendly as you’re going to get. This pizzeria caters to the little ones by offering mini pizzas that are perfectly sized for their little hands and mouths. Many kids enjoy getting their own pizza and selecting their own toppings. You’ll find the kid’s options on a separate menu, so ask for it if you aren’t seated with one.

Mamma Dough serves sourdough pizza with fresh toppings that are sourced locally whenever possible. The pizzeria also believes in buying seasonal produce to ensure quality and flavor remain consistently high.

The prices are a bit lower here than at other pizzerias on this list. The dining room environment is often crowded, but it’s upbeat and welcoming for guests of all ages. You can choose to eat outdoors or get your pizza to go. Eating at one of London’s beautiful parks, gardens, or squares, is a great option if your little ones won’t do well in a crowded pizzeria.

MOD Pizza

When your idea of a great pizza is a fast pizza, you can’t beat MOD. It was designed to speed up the pizza process without cutting corners on quality or flavor. You get to build your own pizza at the counter by selecting from a range of crusts and toppings. Rather than selecting from a menu, your family walks away with customized pizza designed to fit your unique tastes at these pizza places in London.

There are multiple MOD Pizza locations throughout London. Slip it into the itinerary when you just don’t have time to sit down and wait for your pizza to hit the table.

Pizza East Portobello

Get the flavor and vibe of California while settling into this unique pizzeria in Notting Hill. You’ll find it at the meeting point between Portobello Road and Golborne Road. Look for a restored two-story pub that is now one of the most fun pizza places in London.

While many pizzerias have set menus, Pizza East changes their menu with the season to account for their access to fresh produce. You may see creative pizzas hit the menu each time the season changes, which makes this one of the freshest and most exciting pizza spots in London.

Try to visit on a nice day and eat out on the terrace. The greenery sets the stage for a relaxing meal out in the fresh air.

Enjoying Pizza in London with Kids

Dining in isn’t the only option when eating out in London with your family. The city is full of squares, gardens, parks, and small green spaces that are perfect for picnics. You may also grab a pizza and head back to your hotel in the evening, especially if you have great views of the city or river from the room.

Pizza is one of the most flexible and accessible foods to enjoy in London. When you’re ready to sit down and enjoy a more substantial meal, browse our guides to the best Indian, Thai, sushi, pasta, and burger spots throughout the city.

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